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Our mission is empowering your spiritual, psychological and emotional self. 

 Believe in the power that's within yourself to change your life. It is never too late to reinvent ourselves, take charge of your situation and reconnect with who you truly are. Uncover your true potential with personal life coaching and wellbeing clarity with the positive support from our professional holistic advisors. 

Specialities: Spiritual ReadingsReiki, Intuitive Life Coach, Meditation, Aura Energy HealingChakra Reading & Balancing 


Your wellness is fundamentally correlated to multiple areas of your life - your career, stress levels, relationships with others, financial worries and so much. Every individual is unique, when one area is out of balance the whole world starts feeling heavy on your shoulders. Are you worried? Confused? Overcome any and all obstacles in your life with a personal wellbeing psychic reading, the happiness that you seek is a call, chat or email away. 

Holistic Wellness Remedies Available on AstroFame

Reiki: The word 'Reiki' derives from the Japanese words - 'Rei' meaning "God's Wisdom or Higer Power" and 'ki' which is "life force energy". Feel more relax and vibrant after an initial consultation bring many results  deep relaxation, less pain, destroy energy blocks, and higher emotional balance from the universal life energy. 

Intuitive Life Coach: Is your internal compass not enough? Begin a journey unlike any other, complete with awareness and understanding towards a life of wholeness and balance. 

Meditation: Raise your sense of awareness, tune in with your innerself through the meditative wisdom of our skilled life guides. Try it for 20 minutes and once done your mind will automatically return to your object of focus. 

Aura Healing: If you are feeling drained, stressed, emotional from stressful environments, cleansing your auras may help. Open your heart and path through a personal aura cleansing session to shine brighter and revitalize your life. 

Chakra Reading: Chakras are energy centers to which spiritual energy begins to flow into the body. Deriving from Sanskrit meaning the wheel of energy, the seven main chakras in the body are what keep our body balanced, when a chakra is blocked by negative energy or thoughts, chakra healing can help remove the blockages to their normal state. 

Our professional wellbeing advisors can take you the next level from the inside out improving your wellbeing and path towards happiness through energy healing, even at a distance. Our seventh sense advisors are available now, just for you. 


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