About the AstroFame Wallet

Using your member account, you have access to set up a 100% free AstroFame wallet, a prepaid feature where you store funds and use them every time you need a psychic reading, saving you time and money - an adequate feature for those looking to stay within a budget. Get some much needed guidance with peace of mind. When the reading is complete, the funds will be automatically deducted from the wallet. It’s that simple!

We know how important it is that you can contact our network of psychics for much needed guidance and insight, that’s why we’ve created the AstroFame wallet that allows you to connect quickly and efficiently.


Use our secure Wallet feature!


Puts you in control
Use your funds as and when you like!
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Recharge Methods

Are you running low on funds but have an important question to make? Don’t worry, it’s really quick and easy to recharge your wallet, meaning you'll be having your session in seconds!

Using your online page via your member’s area.
Prior to starting your instant live reading.
Contact our customer service team at 1-857-239-0321


Using Your Wallet


Use your AstroFame Wallet as payment method?
You can exclusively use your prepaid funds and you’ll be automatically cut off at the moment the credit is depleted. To do this, opt out of ‘pay as you go’. It puts you in control.
What happens to the remaining balance?
Any unused funds will continue to stay on your AstroFame account to use on future readings.
What is your account balance?
You can login to your account, select “My Information -> Payment Method -> Account Balance” for more information.
What forms of payment can I use?
Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
Use seamless pay for uninterrupted readings
You can decide to limit the duration of the reading using the available credit or to use the default credit card for the extra time.

Why AstroFame?

Millions trust our extraordinary online psychic network since 2007

98% of our customers are satisfied with their Astrofame experience

Every advisor on AstroFame undergoes a rigorous screening and background research

Peace of mind with 100% confidential, safe and anonymous

Psychics available anytime, anywhere over the phone, online chat, email, video or schedule a reading

We're always innovating to provide the best experiences: Try a Live, face-to-face video readings

Astrofame Rewards - Earn points with each reading, exclusive perks, and special rewards.


Featured Advisors


Redefine your criteria to better find the right psychic for you

Radha Tarot

⭐Psychic Tarot Reader & Spiritual Guide⭐

100% of customers satisfied


Radha Tarot
Unleash both clarity and power with Radha's transformative Tarot insights.


Empath Honest Psychic Tarot Reader

84.7% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 2 others
Accurate insights with a compassionate touch

Alisha Medium

Tarot, medium, clairvoyance

98.1% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 2 others


Alisha Medium
Attain life clarity through Alisha's profound Tarot readings and spiritual guidance.


Angel Expert, Medium & Spiritual Energy

New on AstroFame


Embark on a spiritual journey with Xabier's angelic guidance and energy healing.

Psychic Ashi

Psychic Reader

96.5% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 7 others


Psychic Ashi
Unlock your path to joy with insightful psychic guidance.

Psychic Yoselem

Psychic Reader

95.4% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 5 others
Psychic Yoselem
Unlock your path to joy with insightful guidance and healing.


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