About AstroFame

Who Are We?

AstroFame is a brand powered by Wengo. What does it mean? AstroFame enables customers to connect with renowned Readers across a range of top psychics, mediums, astrologers, fortune tellers and more, who will immediately respond to questions over the phone, oneline chat, email and video with complete confidence - over 7 million consultations have been carried out across nearly 14 countries. Our mission is to allow everyone, individuals and professionals alike, to contact the best available advisors to answer their questions.

Vetted & Tested Advisors 

The advisors present on AstroFame by Wengo are independent professionals who provide information about their identity (name, first name, postal address and bank details), as well as their professional background, their training and their degrees obtained. For regulated professions, such as lawyers, doctors and psychologists, the Expert Service carries out prior verification of degrees and registrations with regulatory bodies. This procedure aims to guarantee the quality and safety of the platform for all users.

A Wide Choice of Advisors

To precisely meet your needs, there are more than 100 professional and specialties represented on Wengo.

Unmoderated Customer Reviews

To allow you to choose an advisor, we publish customer reviews in full transparency - no review is moderated on the site. Only customers who have already used the services of an advisor can leave a review.

In accordance with Wengo's Internal Regulations, the content of exchanges between an expert and their client - in writing or orally during a call - is of a private communication nature. Only the advisor is authorized to know its content. Furthermore, you can use a pseudonym for the duration of your exchanges to ensure your anonymity.

Live Customer Support

Contact our customer support at 1-857-239-0321 or email us: [email protected]


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