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Redefine your criteria to better find the right psychic for you

1 week ago -sinata consulted

Psychic Nina

100% of customers satisfied

Customer Pick of 4 others
Psychic Nina

An Intense and Helpul Reading - Nina was on point and assisted me with a situation in my life that needed attention. I am truly...

1 week ago -belle_eyez consulted

Alisha Medium

98.1% of customers satisfied

Customer Pick of 2 others


Alisha Medium

Nice reading - I thank you for talking to me, I’m praying for healing of my heart. I want to trust in him, I honestly do. But every...

1 day ago -clarkm consulted

Ms. Belinda

97.5% of customers satisfied

Customer Pick of 1 others


Ms. Belinda

Exceptional Reader Highly Recommend Her!!! - Just a great session, fast, accurate and very consistent flow of information My moment...

10 months ago -navnitaram consulted

Psychic Ashi

96.5% of customers satisfied

Customer Pick of 7 others


Psychic Ashi

Friend - It's always so hard to find the right psychic for you. I felt like I was talking to a wise, honest friend and it felt so...

Preparing for Your Angel Reading

Set Your Intention

Reflect on Your Purpose - Take the time to think about why you are seeking a angel reading. Are you look for guidance on specific issue, seeking general guidance or wanting to connect with your guardian angel?

Formulate Questions

Write down any specific question or areas of your life where need clarity.

Create A Quiet and Confortable Space

Consider burning a candle and creating a soothing atmosphere. This can help you feel more connected to the spiritual realm.

Ground Yourself

Take a few moments to clear your mind and open your heart.


Taps into the loving energy of angels to deliver messages of hope, encouragement, and enlightenment.


Appointments can also be scheduled 

Prepare for your reading and welcome the messages with openness, awareness and deep listening with priority service from a live coach. 

Choose the advisor and book at your convenience
Before the reading, reflect on your questions and intentions
Embark on a journey of deeper self-discovery


"My angel reading was a truly transformative experience. Yoselem connected with my guardian angels and delivered messages that resonated deeply with me. It was like they knew exactly what I needed to hear. I highly recommend Astrofame's angel readings to anyone seeking spiritual guidance."

"I was feeling lost and uncertain about my future, but my angel reading provided the clarity and reassurance I needed. The messages were incredibly accurate and uplifting. I now feel more confident and at peace. Thank you, Rahda" 


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