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Thank you for taking time in going through my US profile. A very warm WELCOME to you! I am your Sacred Adviser .Allow me to connect with your energies to help you navigate your life towards your desired goals. I connect with your Spiritual Guides to answer your burning questions

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Thanks part 6

You keep saying that I am unable to make decisions but there's good reason In regards to Anthony I know how I feel,what I want and what I say to him depends on what he says but thing is ever since we stopped being friends in june 2018 he has told myself and everyone he doesn't like me and he didn't want communication.He did talk to me two weeks ago bit the subject of feelings hasn't come up but I do have hope but I do feel I may have to win over his friends. I am mostly sure that I will do another year at college and then go for a second job there are constantly jobs going at the school where I have my first job. Iv had to deal with fake friends and my ex was saying things about me to everyone to stop friendships it took me a long time to figure out who to ask but I need new friends too and i do have to be savvy. I will contact you again on July 12th there should be a update on me and Anthony by then and there's a question in regards to my parents.

Last 15 days ago - mumbun32, on the 25/06/2022

Thanks part 5

I just study at college ,in mornings.I will not look into another job and your very helpful thanks. I just sometimes feel my mum can be cold at times but we are getting better.

Last 15 days ago - mumbun32, on the 16/06/2022

Thanks part 4

Your absolutely the way I'm thinking is definitely not stable iv just had a rough couple of weeks I was feeling a bit low .I have been looking into ways to make myself feel loved,beautiful and stressful I'm going to take it one step at a time and will of course focus on me,my son,my job , my health,my friends and I'll be happy with small positive things too. I got a call from the hospital cancelling the appointment for my son it will now occur in two weeks so my worry about that thing I mentioned is gone it will have disappeared ,you were right so that means your right about Anthony iv got the clarity I need. There is no point in me trying to figure out what to say to Anthony because I don't know what he will say to me and really what he said wasn't horrible it was actually a step in the right direction and we will get together when the timing is right and what I say is dependent on him .I can't see him telling me how he feels right away it will be small talk I will be okay with that ,things will progress from there. He isn't a bad person he is probably just sick of people telling him things its a barrier none of us can control that. I don't know when he will confess but once we are together I will inform you of course. I don't actually have any questions for the moment anyway. From now onwards he will be at the back of my mind things will happen when they are meant to I just ideally don't want to be waiting for years! But if that's the case so be it. I will ignore any friend of Anthony who is rude because all I am doing is living my life and I need to be the bigger person. Thank you 😊

Last 15 days ago - mumbun32, on the 13/06/2022

Thank you part 3

I felt like one question was given more focus there were two other questions although I'm not sure it was clear one of the questions was a question and I'm happy in regards to my son I will message you to say why I was worried I can't really say on this review as it's personal. I know he active and lucky and happy but as a mum worry is there.

Last 15 days ago - mumbun32, on the 13/06/2022

Thank you part 2

So iv been having dreams and thinking of Anthony because God is giving us the chance for a relationship and it is a blessing .I need to keep hope. When me and Anthony kissed a few years things were intense but the moment I sensed my husband was awake I freaked out and I made the mistake of revealing the kiss to Jodie so Anthony isn't the only one to make a mistake . my ex was interfering,there was the locals gossip,a letter and a diary which didn't help.I know he does not care about the contents of the diary I was told that by my closest friends and they wouldn't lie but Anthony didn't like that he was told so of course wanted me to still leave him alone but of course he keeps looking and I have just been respecting that because he has needed time and he is telling everyone how much he loves/loved even if he now single I don't know Kelly and so when I show up sometimes a jealous friend of his makes a comment and he gets defensive but I have known that deep down he likes me and I understand that he isn't going to admit his feelings in front of them he has to find a way to tell me and I'm hoping that he does so face to face because sending a online message won't seem sincere. I don't think Anthony is a bad guy or that he is wrong for I think he stubborn and I think there's been complications which should disappear this year but I am preparing for possible bad reactions from my ex but its not his business and some of Anthony friends won't like it and some people will be having words with the both of us but at the end of the day me and Anthony like each other and we need to actually be together but he has to get the ball rolling. I have been very patient but its been years and as you say this coming few weeks is important and blessings. Thank you again and once me and Anthony are together I will let you know.

Last 15 days ago - mumbun32, on the 12/06/2022

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Love & Relationship Doctor - 13 Years of Experience

Thank you for taking time in going through my US profile. A very warm WELCOME to you! I am your Sacred Adviser .Allow me to connect with your energies to help you navigate your life towards your desired goals. I connect with your Spiritual Guides to answer your burning questions that has got you restless. During our session, I connect with your Spiritual Energy and deliver messages that comes directly from your Angel Guides. My aim is to bring clarity in your life situation and bring you guidance, so you can reach your highest potential, learning, growth and success. I will require your clear mind, so you can focus on your goal and not your present situation. This will help you look at the bigger picture that actually is something you have always dreamed of. It's time to manifest your desires. I will help you understand the dynamics of the Law of The Universe and give you the best decisions to choose from, that will lead you to success. I specialize in career guidance, finances, Business issues, Best Job opportunities to come your paths, keep away from Envy and evil eye etc. I will look into your past, present and future and provide you an in-depth reading. You will be able to feel Spiritual Healing through my reading. Take this as a sign that you are here to me because you are about to experience good times in your life. Are you ready??? 

Disclaimer : My services do not constitute legal, medical, psychological or other professional services. By contacting me you agree you are 18+ and are responsible for your own actions Confidentiality : All sessions conducted are private and confidential. Your information will not be shared with any third party, family , friend or others.


Psychics reading is my primary profession for 10 years and it gets stronger day by day. Every new reading gives me a boost to help people to overcome their problems and see themselves as hopeful. I learned all this stuff in my village from a school run by some Chinese and Egyptian scholars. They taught me how to read the hidden energies of someone and guide him/her to overcome their upcoming troubles. Problems like the behavior of love partners, career counseling, complex decisions, choosing the right time or place to settle in a new place, etc are attention seekers and need the right advice. You have to overcome these scenarios by luck, by experience (if you have any in past), or by the advice of a psychic expert. So an experienced expert can play a vital role in making a good life.


Certified Vedic Astrologer Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Numerologist Diploma in Professional Spiritual Healing Diploma in Professional Stress Consultancy Relationship Counselling.

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I am also working with difference networks. Because My reading doesn't require hours of time or deeply personal information of the customer. You can take my guide in almost every critical situation where you have to choose one in multiple ways. My predictions are always helpful for customers and it gives me pleasure when I see my customers happy. I always treat my customers as my friends and feel their problems as my own. In this way, I can solve their problems in a better way. Whether it's me or someone else, always choose the psychic expert wisely because it shows you a path to follow.

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