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Alisha Medium

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Alisha Medium

Nice reading - I thank you for talking to me, I’m praying for healing of my heart. I want to trust in him, I honestly do. But every...

What energy and healing techniques are available?

  • Reiki: Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing by channeling healing energy through the practitioner's hands to the recipient.
  • Crystal Healing: Crystal healing involves the use of natural crystals and stones to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and health.
  • Chakra Alignment: Chakra alignment focuses on balancing the body's key energy centers to improve overall health and well-being, facilitating a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.


These distance practices rely heavily on the principles of energy and intention, and many people find them just as effective as in-person sessions.

Appointments can also be scheduled 

Prepare for your reading and welcome the messages with openness, awareness and deep listening with priority service from live AstroFame advisors. 

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"Katie's approach is compassionate, insightful, and incredibly empowering. I've discovered strengths I never knew I had and feel equipped to tackle any challenge."

"Working with Kitt has been a game-changer. I've not only achieved my career goals but also improved my personal relationships and overall well-being." 


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