How to consult an AstroFame advisor 

No matter what your questions are, our talented psychics can provide you with clarity, healing, and a boost of confidence to move forward with peace of mind. Our easy steps will get you to your psychic reading quickly, the future awaits you at AstroFame.

How does it work?


Easily connect with the advisor of your choice! 

1. Find the Right Advisor for You

Easily find the right advisor for you by using their descriptions and customer reviews. Browse our list or use the Find a Psychic Tool for recommendations.

2. Choose Your Favorite Method

With AstroFame, connect with your chosen advisor through phone, online chat, email, or video, or schedule a reading to gain insights exactly when you need them.

3. Create Your Account

Sign up now and unlock instant access to quick readings, exclusive offers, discounts, and personalized horoscopes.

4. Get Started!

Embark on your journey on AstroFame, gain a new perspective, clarity, insight and solutions.


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Need Customer Service assistance?

On your journey of introspection, questions and doubts may arise. Our customer service team is ready to provide you with immediate information and support, available 7 days a week from 2AM - 9PM EST.

Why AstroFame?

Millions trust our extraordinary online psychic network since 2007

98% of our customers are satisfied with their Astrofame experience

Every advisor on AstroFame undergoes a rigorous screening and background research

Peace of mind with 100% confidential, safe and anonymous

Psychics available anytime, anywhere over the phone, online chat, email, video or schedule a reading

We're always innovating to provide the best experiences: Try a Live, face-to-face video readings

Crystal Rewards - Earn points with each reading, exclusive perks, and special rewards.


People Love Us!

Check out Amanda's (@createyourkarma) first-time experience with an AstroFame advisor. We strive to make each session meaningful and authentic.

Find Your Psychic Match

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