Spiritual guidance: Take time to refocus on yourself!

Intuitive guidance and clarity with the goal of finding your way towards making optimal choices, personal growth, and empowerment. This art provides guidance using the power of the cards or other any other form of support, with the purpose of increasing the brightness of your inner light. The guide that you have selected will give you a fresh perspective on how to behave, the possible pitfalls to avoid, and boost your self-confidence, depending on the situation.

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Is spiritual guidance the right specialty for me?

If you research this art online, you’ll more than likely read that guidance is a tool for personal and spiritual evolution and one that can help to build your future in a serene and positive way.

This definition is quite accurate. Indeed, a guide is not there to tell you what you want to hear, but to help you make things happen. These particular experts use oracles, tarot cards, or other personal development techniques to advise you. They also rely on their intuition and what they perceive of you in order to put their predictions together. 

A guidance consultation is what you need if :

  • You feel lost and are struggling to make a decision

  • You need someone to accompany you and to guide you at a precise moment of your life

  • You need to gain self-confidence and adopt the right attitude towards each situation

Consulting a spiritual guide is a special moment, and one full of emotions. It is, therefore, all the more important to choose your interlocutor carefully.

In order to find the best guide for you, we advise you to rely on the number of consultations, the percentage of satisfied consultants, and the latest customer reviews. Indeed, at the end of each consultation, the customers note the guide they selected and this enables you to find the perfect expert.


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2 months ago -needgod consulted


100% of customers satisfied

Present and future - Even though we ran out of time I called Stern back pertaining to myself. And for her to give me the most exciting...

5 days ago -belle_eyez consulted


98.7% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 8 others



She is absolutely AMAZING - Sarika gave me great advice about a particular situation.. she was very open with me and honest about...

1 month ago -needgod consulted

Inner Voice by Mystic Sage

98% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 2 others


Inner Voice by Mystic Sage

Love/relationship/ family - Mystic Sage gave me clear clarification on my situation pertaining to my boys and College as well as...

1 year ago -annalllllllll consulted

Jean Pierre

86.8% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 1 others
Jean Pierre


1 month ago -mumbun32 consulted

Andrew Angel

100% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 5 others


Andrew Angel

Thanks part 8 - Thank you for responding and being patient. I believe you because I believe in God that's a big influence for me....

4 months ago -navnitaram consulted

Psychic Ashi

96.2% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 7 others


Psychic Ashi

Left feeling at Peace - I loved my session with Ashi. She is kind, honest, warm and gives it to you straight which I liked. She...

Which specialities are you looking for? 


There are many different types of advisors and understanding each will help you decide what kind of reading you’re searching for to understand you and your future with clarity.

Psychics Readings
Psychic readers can give you insight on relationships, give peace of mind and transform lives for the better. Naturally gifted and born with their heightened perceptive abilities to reveal your past, present and future.
Psychic Mediums
Whether seeking closure or resolving unanswered questions, mediums can communicate comforting messages from souls on the other side.
Tarot Readings
Using 78 cards as a tool, tarot card psychics can reveal hidden opportunities and give clarity on any issues from a different perspective.
Dream Analysis
Reveal the underlying feelings, motivations and desires from your Higher Self. Our dream analysis psychics can decipher the messages from deep within you.
Astrology Advice
Understand how the alignment of the stars and planets influences your individual personality, karma and purpose on the earth. Open the door to self-discovery, reveal hidden truths and explore opportunities for growth.

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