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To get the best psychic reading experience, you need to find the right advisor, the one who will listen attentively and ease your mind with answers. Depending on your preferences, your personality, and the topic you want to discuss, we can help you find the right person. Let's get started.

You can find an advisor based on two options: 

1. Try our Find A Psychic Tool

We'll match you with the perfect psychic based on the topic of focus, your personality, and your preferences.

2. Use the filter option based on your criteria. 

Use the filters and sort below to choose the right advisor based one or multiple criterias: reader's style, their astrological sign and speciality to find the perfect match for you. Get 3 free minutes as a new customer.



Redefine your criteria to better find the right psychic for you

Christina Angel

Love & Relationship, Psychic reader

89.7% of customers satisfied


Christina Angel
Christina Angel: Your companion on the journey to a brighter, more fulfilling life path.

Psychic Yoselem

Psychic Reader

95.4% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 5 others
Psychic Yoselem
Unlock your path to joy with insightful guidance and healing.

LoveEnergy Natalie

Love & Relatioship, Tarot, VedicPsychic

86.1% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 2 others


LoveEnergy Natalie
Natalie: Your guide to love, life, and soulmate discovery.

Psychic Sharon

Love & Relationship, career

84.5% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 2 others


Psychic Sharon
Illuminate your life's journey with empathetic and accurate insights.

Ms. Belinda

Relationship Expert-Remote Viewing

96.7% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 1 others


Ms. Belinda
Discover your untapped potential through profound guidance for a brighter journey.

Psychic Alexis

Psychic Reader and Spiritualist

100% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 1 others
Psychic Alexis
See a brighter tomorrow, today

Answers and guidance are just 3 clicks away

   1. Choice your advisor based on your criterias

   2. Request an instant reading or schedule a reading

   3. Get a reading over the phone, online chat, email or video based on your preference


Real Testimonial

Check out Amanda's (@createyourkarma) first-time experience with an AstroFame advisor. We strive to make each session meaningful and authentic.

Why AstroFame?

Millions trust our extraordinary online psychic network since 2007

98% of our customers are satisfied with their Astrofame experience

Every advisor on AstroFame undergoes a rigorous screening and background research

Peace of mind with 100% confidential, safe and anonymous

Psychics available anytime, anywhere over the phone, online chat, email, video or schedule a reading

We're always innovating to provide the best experiences: Try a Live, face-to-face video readings

Crystal Rewards - Earn points with each reading, exclusive perks, and special rewards.

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