• How do I register on AstroFame?

    To get started:

    • Press the Create An Account button on the top right-hand corner of our website.
    • Click on Call Now or Chat Now on the Psychic's Profile.
    • Contact our customer support team to create an account: 1-857-239-0321

    Upon registering, you will need to provide a valid email address, create a username and password.


  • How do I become an AstroFame Psychics?

    To become an online psychic, contact our expert service team through email: [email protected]

  • Is your personal information safe?

    Your personal data is strictly confidential, retained as long as necessary for the accomplishment of the ends pursued and are not perserved beyond. We do not store your payment details, only the elements necessary to process reading requests.

    You can access that data we have about you through accessing your customer account. At any time, you may request the access, deletion or modification of your personal information through email: [email protected]. To find out more information, please review our privacy policy.

  • How do I start a reading on AstroFame?

    To start a reading, there are two options :

    • Select the right reader of your choice and click on, Call Now, Chat Now or Email Now.
    • Contact our customer support team: 1-857-239-0321 from Monday - Friday from 8AM - 1AM.
  • How to manage notifications from AstroFame?

    While creating an account, you have the choice to subscribe to receive our newsletters or SMS notifications on promotional offers, gifts and advice. If you no longer wish to receive our offers, you can unsubscribe from the AstroFame newsletter with a simple click on the link provided at the bottom of the last newsletter. Please allow 48 hours to be unsubscribed from our database.

    To manage your SMS notifications on the availability of our psychics, refer to the question, How do I know if the Psychic is available?

  • Forgot your password?

    If you have forgotten your password, we are happy to help you to reset. Simply go to "Member Login" and click on the "Forgot Password" link.

    AstroFame will send you an email to reset your password. Do not forget to check your spam.

  • How do I update my profile?

    If you want to modify your information, you can do access your customer account:

    • To update your personal data, click on "My Profile", you will have the possibility to update the email address, password, phone number and date of birth. Si vous souhaitez modifier vos informations, vous pouvez le faire depuis votre compte client
    • To update your payment method, select the option "Payment Method" and use the option, "Use/ Add Funds - Account Balance".
  • How to I delete my Astrofame account?

    To temporarily suspend or delete your AstroFame Member Account, contact our customer support team [email protected] it is necessary to provide yoru username or email address associated with the account.

  • How to unsubscribe from AstroFame?

    If you no longer wish to receive our offers, you can unsubscribe from the Wengo newsletter by simply clicking on the link provided at the bottom of the page in the last newsletter you received. The unsubscription will be effective within 48 hours. To cancel your AstroPass subscription, go to your customer area. If you encounter any difficulties send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 1-857-239-0321


  • How do I start a reading from my customer account?

    Once you are logged in your Member Account there are two ways to start a reading:

    • Browse through the online psychic list on the homepage or select any of the categories.
    • At the bottom of the Member Account you can select among the section, My Favorite Readers, to find an Advisor

    To find out more about the psychic, just click on their image to reveal their full profile. We are certain you will find a psychic you can trust.

  • How do I make a call reading?

    To start a call reading:

    1. Choisir un expert, n'hésitez pas à lire les avis clients pour trouver l'expert qui vous correspond le mieux.
    2. Enter a valid phone number to receive a call. This information is not shared with any of the psychics.
    3. Confirm the rate and enter a valid payment method. (Note: A pre-authorisation transaction or "pending charge" to ensure that sufficient funds and account authenticity).
    4. You will receive a call from AstroFame a few minutes later launching your call reading request. Remain in a clear area to avoid missing our call.
    5. Enjoy your reading!

    You can contact customer support for further assistance: 1-857-239-0321 from Monday - Friday from 8AM - 1AM.


  • Video Readings: How does it work?

    You can enjoy a face-to-face consultation with your guide via video, while remaining discreet and comfortable at home.


    To get started, you need


    • A computer with webcam and microphone OR a smartphone-type mobile phone with integrated camera
    • Stable internet access


    As for the rest, it's the same process as for a consultation via telephone or chat, an equally simple process for an even richer and more intense experience!


    • Choose your advisor
    • Validate the price and payment method
    • Allow AstroFame to access your device's camera and microphone [if this is the first video reading]


    In this moment of reflection, let yourself immerse yourself in your exchange.




    It is recommended to position the mobile phone in front of you, if possible against a stable support. Your energies will be flowing more freely when you're face to face with your expert.

  • How do I make a chat reading?

    Chat discreetly - Get instant online advice and connect wherever, whenever.

    To start a chat reading:

    1. Select among our availabe online chat psychic. Browse their profiles and read the customer reviews to learn more about their talents.
    2. Click "Chat Now"
    3. Confirm the session
    4. A pop up window will appear and you will connect as soon the psychic accepts the request.
  • How do I make an email reading?

    There are two email reading options: Short and In-Depth

    • Short Readings are intended for specific questions on a particular topic, not requiring an exhaustive answer. You will a reply in an average of 4 hours.*
    • In-Depth Readings are ideal for questions requiring details and thorough answers, under 48 hours.*

    * In accordance with the availability of the psychic chosen.

    Note: Attach a photo of yourself and others involved in the situation including their names and dates of birth.

    How Does It Work?

    1. Select the psychic of your choice.
    2. Click on Email Now and select the option, Short or In-Depth Reading
    3. Confirm the rate. You wil not be charged until the end.
    4. Check your inbox, we will notify as soon the email reading is done.

    If you are consulting using a cell phone, you can ask your question using the voice record feature. To do this, click on the microphone, activate and send your voice email reading. Here is a video to help you. 

  • How do I book an appointment for a call reading?

    Is the psychic of your choice not available? You can arrange/book an appointment for a personal session by clicking their profile page and then use the option, Arrange Call. You will asked to choose a time slot and provide your landland or mobile number for the reading.

    You will receive a confirmaton email as soon the advisor accepts the appointment.

    Have to change the time or date of the appointment?

    You can use your Member Account, click on "Booked Phone Readings", select the reading and change the time or date based on the psychic's availability for the week.

  • What is the price of my reading?

    The prices of each psychic vary according to their experience and background. To find out their per minute rate, please visit their page.

    Please Note: All readings require prior price authorisation before launching a call, chat or email reading.

  • I encountered a technical issue or payment issue. What can I do?

    Encountering technical issues? Contact our customer support team: [email protected] and provide your username, email address associated to the account, date and time of the issue, and a brief description.

    If you are credit card was declined? Please verify that sufficient funds are available before making a purchase or contact the card company on the back of the card for further assistance.

    Call Dropped? Please contact our customer support team for further assistance, we will make it right.

  • Are the readings private and confidential?

    The personal details exchanged during any session are anonymous and confidential. We strongly advise you to frequently update your password for security reasons.


  • Where can I see the details of the invoice?

    To access your invoices or receipts, login to your Member Account use the option, "Transactions, Chat History & Reviews" then click on the receipt. You will be able to find all the specific details: Price, duration, transaction number, applied coupons, and payment method used.

  • What are my payment options?

    We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover including PayPal. After you have used your first free minutes your credit card will be charged to fund your further readings.

  • I do not have a credit card, can I have a reading anyway?

    An online payment method is required to use the psychic network, AstroFame. If you do not have a credit card, it is possible to use the Wallet option and add funds using PayPal. How? Click on "Payment Methods", more information available below - What is the AstroWallet? How can I use or rechange?

  • What is the AstroWallet? How can I use or rechange?

    The AstroWallet is a virtual payment method available on your AstroFame account. To pay for sessions using the Wallet, it is necessary to rechange the wallet with a valid means of payment (using a debit/credit card or PayPal). Click on "Payment Method" then "Recharge Wallet. Enter the selected amount using the payment method of your choice and recharge. Afterwards, you will be able to launch your reading.

    If you do not use the entire sum you have added to the AstroWallet, you can use the remainder of the funds for another session.

    How much funds are available in the Wallet?

    From the Member Account, click on "Payment Method" and then "Use/Add Funds - Account Balance and select the tab "Account Balance.

  • Applying a promo code or a coupon?

    I have a promo code:

    Promo codes can be applied for a reduction on your next session. You can get a promo code from an advisor or from our tell a friend referral program on AstroFame.

    If you have a promo code from an advisor, it is important to use it exclusively with the advisor who referred you to us. This code is only valid for your first time session. 

    If you have been referred to AstroFame through one of your friends, the code can be applied to our first time reading with the reader of your choice. The promo code will be automatically applied to the session using the redirection link. Otherwise, you can check the box, promo code, to enter the exclusive code and receive a discount or voucher prior to starting your session. Any vouchers will be credited to your account after entering the promo code.  

    I have a voucher:

    Coupons or vouchers are a gift from an advisor or AstroFame. To benefit from a coupon, the conditions of the promo must be respected (name of the advisor, amount, type of session and deadline). 

    To use a special coupons from an advisor, access the page "Payment Methods" and select "Use/Add Funds" and click on the tab "Special Offers".

    To use the special offer from AstroFame, be sure to use the promotional page to start a reading. The coupon will be applied automatically from the final amount of the personal session. See the question: Details of my invoice. 

  • How to delete your credit card information on AstroFame?

    To withdraw your bank card, log in to your member account Click on "my payment methods", then on the "My credit cards" tab, here you can view your active cards and delete them using the small blue cross, if necessary.

  • How to settle outstanding payments on AstroFame?

    To settle your situation, you can do it yourself via your customer area by clicking on "Payment Methods"> "Overdue transactions"> "Settle overdue amounts" or call our customer care team 1-857-301-9891 for assistance.

  • How do I manage my wallet payment options?

    To avoid the risk of being interrupted during your consultation, you can maintain the option "unblock account": at the end of your transaction, if the balance of your wallet is lower than the value of the transaction, the difference will be debited using the default payment method registered in your account - it's convenient and easy. If you wish to pay for your entire session using the balance in your wallet, you will have to opt for the "blocked account" option.


  • How are the AstroFame Psychics selected?

    All AstroFame by Wengo advisors are certified in their field of activity: Experience, Degrees and Training, Publications…, etc. Find all this information on the expert's profile. Advisors are required to be completely transparent in their practices and to respect the ethical code of their profession.

  • How do I know if the Psychic is available?

    Visit the reader's profile page, you are interested in. If there is a green signal, it means that the psychic is online. You can also take a look at the schedule of the reader. Please Note: The schedule available is exclusively for call readings.

    Activate the SMS notification

    To receive a notification as soon the reader is available, select the tab 'My SMS Alerts" and select the option. Do not forget to select the psychics that interest you (3 max.)

  • Connect with a psychic before or after a reading?

    Message a psychic before the reading:

    Before the reading, you have the possibility to contact an AstroFame Psychic to better know their specialities and ask general information regards their availability. This option is not available for a personal reading.

    Message a psychic after the reading:

    After the reading, you can send a message to the psychic for more details regarding the previous reading. Login to your customer account, click on "Transactions, Chat History & Reviews" then access the receipt and scroll down the page to: Write a message to the advisor.

    Read your messages:

    On your customer account, click on "My Messages" and select the tab, "Messages After Reading".

  • Add AstroFame Psychics to my favourites?

    For quick access, you have have the possibility to create a list of your favourite psychics.

    To create your list of favourite readers, login to your account then access the profile of the reader and click on the "Add to My Favourites" visible at the description section. To verify that the list has been created, access the My Favs Page.

  • How do I leave feedback for a reading?

    You have the opportunity to leave a review on the reader following your sessions. AstroFame does not moderate reviews. Members are free to share their opinions. To leave a review, click on the section "Transactions, Chat History & Reviews" to leave your feedback. Share your story to help other members find the right reader.



  • Can we trust the psychics on AstroFame?

    The advisors commit to providing a valid SIREN number. The documents submitted by the experts are subject to a compliance check. You can also rely on customer reviews to make your choice.

  • How to send a message to an AstroFame expert?

    Certain advisors provide chat readings with the possibility of launching a session via chat appearing on their profile with their pricing. It is also possible that certain to provide email readings to ask questions in writing featuring the option to send an image. For customers who have already consulted an advisor, a private messaging system is available to contact their expert to ask them a commentary question based on your prior session. To do this, go to your member area and click on "Mail".


Need customer support?

Contact us through email: [email protected] or call us: 1-857-239-0321 from Monday-Sunday: 2 AM-9PM (EST).


We want to provide you with the best experience possible! Log in and enjoy Wengo.