Grow Your Own Professional Business with Wengo 

Advisor Profile

  • A true commercial window, your Expert Profile allows you to receive numerous customer calls

    Introduce Your Expertise

    • Represent your commercial profile with a text, audio or video description
    • Describe your experiences and qualifications


    Avail of Your Own Personal Web Address

    • Benefit from a personal web (URL) address
    • Soon you will have a customised URL, such as the example below


    Receive Calls from Your Clients


    • Receive calls from your clients on your landline or mobile telephone
    • If desired, arrange an appointment with your clients


    Set Your Own Rates

    • Determine the price of your services
    • According to your business, choose between a price-per-minute tarif or a package


    Choose Your Working Hours

    • You are free to choose your schedule
    • You can alter your available time slots at any time

Recruitment and Customer Retention

  • Promote your service, recruit and secure new customers

    Spread the word about your service within your network

    Inform your network about your service (customers, contacts...) by adding a widget to your site and distribute Wengo cards with your name


    Communicate with a wide audience: 500,000 prospective customers

    Reference your service on and also on Astrofame's partner websites to enable you reach a targeted audience based on your activity.


    Build customer loyalty to strengthen your earnings

    Keep in touch with your clients by sending them messages or offering them reductions

Manage Your Own Business

Earnings: Rates and Payments