AstroFame provides customers with a range of minute plans that way everyone can benefit from psychic guidance and insight at a reasonable price. Whether you are looking for a tarot reading, receive closure or stay prepared for whatever comes your way with the insight from an AstroFame psychic advisor - our minutes plans are designed to work with your budget and based on your spiritual needs



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Using Pre-paid Minute Plans 


Which minute plan is right for me?
Based on your spiritual and guidance needs, we provide a wide range of minute plans to be used entirely during the session.
Need more minutes with your advisor?
For your convenience, we recommend the 30 minute plan, allowing you to connect even further with the advisor and provide a deeper perspective based on your questions.
Have one or two quick questions?
For simple and quick questions, use our available 10 minute plan - an inspirational way to make informed decisions and take action.
What forms of payment can I use?
All major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) and Paypal.
Can pre-paid minute plans be used with all advisors?
Featured advisors are participating in certain or in each minute plan available, if you need further assistance our customer service team can provide you with more information.
Can I book a reading using pre-paid minutes?
Yes, you have the option of booking a reading using prepaid minute plans. To book a reading, select the minute plan -> the advisor of your choice -> select the reading method and choose the date and time of reading. As the reading approaches, you will receive an email notification with further instructions to help you connect. It's that simple!


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