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🌸 Your Spring horoscope is accompanied by an exchange with the spiritual guide of your choice.
So, why do we want to offer you this package?
Well, because spring is a symbol of renewal, purification, and awakening☀️ It is therefore the ideal time to turn towards the outside and pursue the path of fulfillment in order to align with yourself. 🌼

You no doubt feel it deep inside you, you know, 🍀 the dream that gives you the fire in your belly. Why haven't you realized it yet? Is it out of fear? Doubt? Lack of confidence?

🌈 Well, what if you took advantage of the powerful energies of the spring equinox?
The energies that allow you to reconnect with your deepest aspirations and to believe in them!

They illuminate and liberate the shadowy areas that hold us back.
Finally, by letting yourself be guided through this intense flow of spring energies, you will be able to come out of your cocoon 🐣, reconnect with yourself and dare to blossom to become what you want to be. 🌱

With this box at $24.90 (real value $53), become the person you’ve always wanted to be
Your spring horoscope plus a consultation to guide you towards the right choices and to help you sow the seeds of your new beginning!


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