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You've shared your stories, concerns, wishes and innermost thoughts with your faithful advisor - opening your heart and mind for their guidance and advice to help you move forward.

There are no coincidences, only encounters! What is between you and your guide is your intuition and their light, your vibe and their gift.

Show your gratitude towards your beloved advisor by sharing your psychic experience and inspire others to find their path.

BONUS: Submit a short testimonial throughout the duration of the Intuitions & Intentions Festival and enter the chance to win a free session!

To share your experience, record your audio or video testimonial...Use the questions below and highlight these different points during your recording:


  1. Your first name or AstroFame username and your age
  2. Did you contact your advisor with a specific or general question?
  3.  How did you choose your advisor?
  4. What was the stunning revelation during the session?
  5. And since then, what's your feedback on your advisor's predictions?
  6. Would you recommend the advisor to your loved ones?

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Why AstroFame ?

Millions trust our extraordinary psychic network since 2007

98% of our customers are satisfied with their Astrofame experience

Every advisor on AstroFame undergoes a rigorous screening and background research

100% Confidential, Safe and Anonymous Readings

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Our Customers' Reviews

Customer reviews are vital to helping you choose the right advisor, which is why we respect all written comments and feedback. Read other users' experiences to see how their reading transported them from darkness to clarity.


Ways to Get a Reading

 Whether at the office or from the comfort of your home, our advisors are available - anytime, anyplace - over the phone, online chat, email, video, or you can even schedule a reading.


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