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Step into a world where the unseen becomes seen, and the unknown becomes known. Our email psychic readings are gateways to understanding your true self, your path, and the energies that guide you. By selecting this reading method, you not only conserve valuable time, no interruptions or distractions - ensuring that vital insights are promptly and discreetly delivered straight to your inbox.

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Psychic Nina

Psychic Nina

Relationship Reader



Ms. Belinda

Ms. Belinda

Relationship Expert-Remote Viewing



Psychic Ashi

Psychic Ashi

Psychic Reader



Andrew Angel

Andrew Angel

Love & Relationship Doctor



Psychic Yoselem

Psychic Yoselem

Psychic Reader



Christina Angel

Christina Angel

Love & Relationship, Psychic reader



LoveEnergy Natalie

LoveEnergy Natalie

Love & Relatioship, Tarot, VedicPsychic



Psychic Sharon

Psychic Sharon

Love & Relationship, career




Which email reading option should I choose?

Short Email Reading

  • Suited for submitting a precise inquiry about a certain matter
  • 1 Question
  • Analyzed and arrives in 4 hours
  • Attach an image or document

In-depth Email Reading

  • Goes deeper, presenting thorough insights into more complicated subjects
  • 3 Questions
  • Analyzed and arrives in 48 hours 
  • Attach an image or document


Ways to Use Email Readings

Simply attach an image or document

Facial Analysis

Deeper Understanding of Your True Self

Your face is a reflection of your life's journey, with each line and feature symbolizing your experiences, emotions, and core truths. Our Face Reading service deciphers these symbols, crafting a narrative that reveals your identity, past, and future direction. It goes beyond mere appearance, tapping into your deeper self and the spiritual insights hidden within your photograph.


Explore the Lines of Destiny Written in Your Hands

Your palms are a direct reflection of your soul's blueprint—each line, a path; each mark, a story. Our Palm Reading service offers you a profound journey into understanding your life's purpose, challenges, and blessings through the ancient art of palmistry.

*Palm reading requires analyzing both hands to merge innate potential with life's experiences for a holistic understanding of one's journey.

Couple Readings

Deepen Your Connection and Unveil the Future of Your Relationship

Love is a journey of two souls meeting in harmony and understanding. Our Couple Readings are designed to explore the spiritual and energetic dynamics between you and your partner, offering insights into your compatibility, challenges, and the growth opportunities that lie ahead.

Pets and Animals

Connect Deeper with Your Pets

Uncover the emotions behind your pets' expressions and thoughts with our animal communicators, foster a heartfelt connection that transcends words. Deepen your bond in a truly profound way.

Feedback from Email Reading Users

"After carefully reviewing Kitt's responses to my inquiries multiple times, I'm in awe. The sense of relief I've experienced is palpable. My sincerest thanks for this."


"Could you please extend my heartfelt gratitude to Sarika for her insightful reading? Its accuracy and her ability to validate my feelings have been incredibly comforting. Thank you."


"I am deeply appreciative of the insights provided in this reading. It has exceeded my expectations, bringing me immense joy and resonating with me on multiple levels. Warmest regards,"

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