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My Gift And Abilities Have Been Passed Down Generation after Generation. This Was Not Something I Had To Learn Or Study. I Have Grown In My Gift Over The Past 9 years.

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prediction did not happen

This is my last working day this week and he did not ask me out of try to be with me or anything. In fact I did not see him at all during this week and I do not think anything will happen on this last day, which will quickly end. Your prediction did not happen. When I asked again, "are you sure that it will happen next week?' You said that you are never wrong in a reading. This gives false hopes and sets wrong expectations. I believe, it is mostly my fault, since I allowed myself to be led by whatever these "psycics" say and say confidently, which never come into fruition. I have spent good deal of money, time and energy on psychics on this site and honestly, only very very small percentage of those predictions happened. Mostly they never happen. And when you tell the adviser that the prediciton did not happen, they would blame it on free will or the timing. It is the same with all psychic platforms. This is just one of them. Save your money and don't buy into this psychic addiction. I have learned it the hard way.

 Last 15 days ago - daughter, on the 16/08/2019


Straight to the point and wasted no time<3 thank you so much for clarity and guidance today!

 Last 15 days ago - socrates_11, on the 15/08/2019


I'm so disappointed! The first few times I read with her she was awesome. Great insight. But this time she tried to sell me a "cleansing" and when I said no the tone completely changed. Basically to week this is the problem other than that you just stay positive and wait hopefully things her better.... Not sure how any of that is a psychic prediction.... Won't be calling again.

 Last 15 days ago - rainbow32, on the 12/08/2019

Love reading

I am sorry, Jennah. This was my first reading with you but I didn't feel you were accurate. Maybe he does have feelings for me, but I don't think he is going to ask me out for a date or try to be with me next week. Next week is very soon and we are so far apart from each-other mentally and psychically as well. You said you are never wrong with a reading and that sounded a very confident thing to say. But still, I dont feel you were completely accurate in my case, especially about next week timeline. I will not see him for most of the days next week because we will be away from each other due to business related issues. I will only see him probably 2 days next week and that will be our first meeting after not seeing each other for about a month. We were away from each other for about a month. I dont feel and think that he will make any move on me during those 2 days. We are not there yet....... But if by any chance and miracle your next week timeline happens, I will ask to change this review and leave another outstanding review and apologize for nor believing in your gift. God bless you and be well.

 Last 15 days ago - daughter, on the 10/08/2019

First Reading with Jenna

I have a regular reader I work with who was not available so I decided to speak to another reader for some quick insight. Now I warn you, it is best to not "psychic hop" or go from one reader to another because this only leads to confusion. I know this ALL too well. One reader may see one thing while another may see it totally differently. It is best to stick with the reader you connect most with, listen to your intuition when selecting a reader for yourself. But I must say Psychic Jenna is not only easy to talk to, but I felt my anxiety calm after speaking with her. She is a good reader and I would highly recommend her. We chatted and I really liked speaking with her.

 Last 15 days ago - brina1, on the 07/08/2019

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Psychic Jenna's Background

Psychic Love Reader - 10 Years of Experience

My Gift And Abilities Have Been Passed Down Generation after Generation. This Was Not Something I Had To Learn Or Study. I Have Grown In My Gift Over The Past 9 years.


At a very young age, I used to see visions when I was around people. I asked my grandmother why I was seeing visions and she explained to me that she came from a long generation of psychics. I have been reading professionally for four years. I used to work at my grandma's psychic shop.


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I Have Helped People From All Over The World Face All And Any Obstacles Thrown At Them. I Help Guide And Direct My Clients Onto The Right Path, And I Help Build A New Foundation For All Those Who Are Lost.

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I get straight to the point and I tell the truth. I will always give straightforward answers. Helping people always brings me joy. Psychic readings can help you understand the future and but understand happiness, and they joy of life. I hope I can help you.

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