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Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen

Psychic Investigator sue ellen


Hi, I am Psychic.. Sue.ellen Are you feeling confused,   alone,  like you have no one to turn to? I am here for you! I will guide you to your life’s purpose, direct you to the right path. If your  feeling emotionally or spiritually drained, gone off course in your life’s path? Do...

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Received 21 recent reviews from 225 readings with 100% score.

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Very intune

Picked up immediately with no prompts from me about career and finance and touched on the love life and events to come with timelines

 Last 15 days ago - terrance20, on the 08/12/2018


Seems like it was a good reading but I had a real tough time hearing her. I would recommend her being she was recommended to me by someone that’s a loyal customer to this site.

 Last 15 days ago - sentfromabove, on the 06/12/2018


She was so accurate it's scary. Everything she told me was on point and is the truth. She even told me what my hair color was. It's amazing at her accuracy.

 Last 15 days ago - money2410, on the 04/12/2018


I am quite overdue for writing this review on Sue... but anyone who is looking for a straight forward, kind, understanding, patient person who is quick witted and gets down to the point she is for you! Please call her; she is one of the most gifted psychics I've ever talked to. you won't be disappointed! Thanks girl for dealing with my crazy conversations, and confusions lol

 Last 15 days ago - racheld84, on the 09/10/2018

Thank you

Well, I was asking the same question over and over. You most got tired but I want to give a thanks for listening and answer all my questions. Thank you for your patience. Thanks

 Last 15 days ago - giigii26, on the 05/10/2018

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Sue Ellen's Background

Psychic Investigator sue ellen - 19 Years of Experience

Hi, I am Psychic.. Sue.ellen Are you feeling confused,   alone,  like you have no one to turn to? I am here for you! I will guide you to your life’s purpose, direct you to the right path. If your  feeling emotionally or spiritually drained, gone off course in your life’s path? Don’t miss your chance,   give me. a call or email me. And find out how to get back on the right path and find your  soulmate! I can also tell you if your current partner is you  Please   After  Are.  Session together  Please fill me in your own kind words to leave me a good review⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Experience: 20yrs.Zodiac Sign: CapricornLanguages: EnglishCategories:Money & FinanceCareers & GoalsTarot Readers and  Energy ratings Love & Relationships and life readings  Chakra balancing  readings  Meditation readings Brokenhearted readingsPsychic•2-Medium•3-Energy-Healer•4-Detective Psychic•5-Remote Viewer•6-Tarot Reader•7-Life Coach •8-Spiritual Advisor•9-Metaphysical Advisor•10-Witchcraft practitioner•11-Aura Reader•12-Numerologist•13-Astrologist•14-Paranormal/Supernatural Investigator•15-Allamah Ulema Talismans and Talabaat•16-Chakra Reader•17-Anunnaki Ulema Metaphysical AdvisorCredentials:World Renowned Psychic, Successful Love Guide, Spot on Accuracy, Spiritual Advisor, In depth Answers


       I am psychic Sue ellen  I am a natural born gifted clairvoyant psychic off both sides of my mother and father I discovered my gift at a very young age I knew my life purpose was to help .people    With  all love and relationships marriage Divorce affairs.  breakups.  Family career I am a psychic clairvoyant. I enjoy helping those who cross my path who are open to change and I have assisted many to find the pathway that is right for them. With my guides and connection to source I can provide you with the answers you need and empower you to create the life that you desire, whilst giving you the tools needed to go forward. I am also a direct and straight forward reader; I will not give you a fairy story. Having a reading with me will give you a positive, holistic experience that will empower you to move forward as I am able to see blockages and underlying issues and will teach you how to use universal laws for your favour. I work with integrity, can often provide clear timings and will always work for the client's higher good by channelling messages from their guides. When having a reading with me I advise the client to come with an open mind and be open to hearing the higher truth. For those with love matters, I am also a recognised dating coach.

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 I dedicate  and devote myself to all my clients I am here for every need every tear every confuse answered you have will be answered with one session with me Please take a few moments calm down relax breathe in and out find your inner peace and let my energy and your energy merge And except it in a piece when you know the truth and you finally relieved of all the drama and the lies

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