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   I am a natural born Psychic specialized in love and relationship. My readings are based on truth and reality. I do not sugar coat in my readings. What ever I will see I will share with you- though good or bad, if you really need a honest reading and reality then you need to pr...

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Psychic Reader - 18 Years of Experience

   I am a natural born Psychic specialized in love and relationship. My readings are based on truth and reality. I do not sugar coat in my readings. What ever I will see I will share with you- though good or bad, if you really need a honest reading and reality then you need to prepare yourself and come to me.I read people through the date of birth or names, with the help of spirit guides and special gifts, also I use angels in my readings. I use positive and good energies in my reading to read others and to heal others. I am best in these things 1. Love 2. Relation 3. Marriages4 reunion career 6.soul mate connections 7.past, present and future8. Dream reader 9. Picture reader10.palm readerI have lots experience in my field. I have lots readings in which I have been using my powers, gifts and also my experience with different people. My readings will for sure remove your all kind of negative thinking, tensions and also it will really remove the hurdles from your way so that you could clearly b able to move forward in life for good. As a love expert through my readings you will for sure be able to know if your love one really loves you or if he/she is sincere to you. + If you both are the one for each other. Feel free to share with me and you will then be able to feel tensions go away from your life for good. 



i am helping people for 15 years. I started to help people on face to face first but then i guess if i help people with my gift on professional sites in this way people will get  help easily.And i will be able to help more people since then for 15 years i am working on professional sites and been helping people.and i helped thousands of people.Thier prediction always come true. they always coming back to me still for many years whenever they need guidance.its because i give very accurate time fram. so people like my reading whenever they have question about any field of life they come to me and i feel very happy to help them always.



In my very early age i start to feel that i can see things before happening.My grandma helped me to develop this ability  she was also a psychic. For 15years, I have been helping people professionaly.

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How to Prepare for a Psychic ReadingJanuary 12, 2018 | Blog When I connect to the Higher Realm, I aim to give you the most accurate, honest and helpful reading I can. The points below may help you to get the most out of your reading with me. 1. Think about what areas or questions you want to cover in your readingI can tune in and find messages based on your questions, but I can’t read your mind. If you would like me to tune into particular areas of your life or if you have questions, please let me know! To best utilize your time, write down your questions ahead of time. The more clear and precise the questions are, the better will be the answers you really are looking for. You can ask any question about love, relationship, marriage issue, job, career, reuniting lovers.I read people through the date of births or names, with the help of spirit guides, angels and special gifts. I use positive and good energies in my reading to read others and to heal others. 2. Your future is not written in stone, it can change.Your future is affected by many things. You do have a certain influence as to what happens to you. You can change your thoughts, emotions or energy and this can change your future. The Universe has something in store for you. There is a divine plan for you. You are not meant to know everything. It can change how you experience it and so not everything is meant to be known. When I do a psychic reading for you, I am passing on to you a message from the Higher Realm, about what the most likely outcome will be for your future. These messages are based on the moment of your reading with the guidance of the Higher Realm, where your most favorable pathways are shown. 3. How you get your psychic reading doesn’t change how I work.There are different ways for you to receive your reading: Skype by live chat or live video, or Email. It doesn’t matter to me which method you choose – Spirit and the Higher Realm transcend space and time so you don’t need to be in front of me, for me to get messages to you. The quality of your reading is the same no matter what method you prefer. Skype readings are by appointment.  For email readings, read below :) Interested in a reading by email? Here are the steps to take.  After you’ve scheduled your appointment and made your payment, please do the following: Please email me your questions in the order of importance to you. I’ll get through as many as I can in the time allotted. Please send me your name along with your date of birth. These simple yet important details provide me with a grounding point when connecting to the Higher Realm. Typically I can tune into 2 – 4 questions in 15 minutes depending on their depth. If you have more questions or areas you would like to cover you can book a longer reading if necessary. If you have photos of people you are asking about, please attach them. Sometimes I get more information by looking at the energy emanating form the photo. If not, do not worry. I tune in with name vibrations and just need the person's name and your relationship to the person. 4. The more receptive you are, the more the information will flowIf you are guarded or want me to prove something to you when you have your reading, you will actually be hindering the flow of energy. My favourite clients are those who are open and receptive. They get the best readings because the information and the energy just flow. My readings are based on truth and reality. I do not sugar coat my readings. What ever I will see I will share with you- though good or bad, if you really need an honest reading and reality then you need to prepare yourself and come to my reading. 5. Psychics shouldn’t be making your decisions for youNo matter what comes through in a psychic reading, you must always trust your own gut and make your own decision. A psychic reading is meant to be a tool to add to all the other information you have. It doesn’t take the place of professional expertise like a doctor, lawyer, psychotherapist, or financial advisor. 6. Know when the session has ended.Mediums do their work on a much higher level then we typically walk around from day to day. When the Medium has come back down the session is over. 7. Psychic readings can bring clarity, closure, direction and new understanding.It may give you things to think about that you would not have considered before. In the end, it’s still your life and you need to take full ownership of it and the decisions you make. 8. Do's and Don'tsDo prepare for your reading. By doing so you can reflect back on challenges in your life and it can also bring more clarity and calmness. You can then formulate the right questions. Do use your free will. You have choices. If it feels right for you then by all means try it, but if it feels weird or bad or makes you unconfortable, or you aren't ready for it yet, then don't do it! Psychic readers are not Gods and don't have a free pass to all knowledge  Please take the advice and see if it fits. Only you can decide if it is the path you want to take. We as humans have the power of free will. It is a gift. Don't waste it. Don't assume you can receive any message you want to know. Spirit is in charge of what it wants you to know. Higher Realm cannot tell us things we should do but they can guide us and give us a direction we should look into. Also, some information is not meant to be revealed and only Spirit decides what can be revelead to you and what can't. Don't test the Medium. Certain Spirits do not like to be tested. Be open minded and give the reading a chance. By being skeptical and negative, you can block certain energy channels and disrupt the energy flow. Be positive and be receptive. Your decisions should be made after the reading . You should look at the information given to you objectively, with a calm and peaceful mind. Do get second opinions if you need to. Do not get attached to single mindedness . Your thoughts can slow you down. But your heart has no limits! Open your heart. Look from different angles. The Universe is so vast! Do share your success with friends and loved ones. Sharing is caring. If you learned something from my sessions or my blog, they should hear about it!    

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