Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre

Numerology, Astrology, Tarots


Want to improve or change your life?Seeking answers to emotional, family, relationship, professional or other concerns?Want to know if:--your love relationship will evolve?--you will meet the right person?--your professional situation will progress?--you have concerns about your...

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Received 6 recent reviews from 172 readings with 81.3% score.

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Didn’t feel connected

I’m going through a really insane part of my life and didn’t feel the reader connected to my situation at all or gave me any sense of hope.

 Last 15 days ago - hannahkov, on the 17/09/2019

He was great

So thoughtful and kind. Great read. He really was straight to the point and the advice was great.

 Last 15 days ago - medzo28, on the 15/06/2019


Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable talking with a male advisor, but Jean was very pleasant and respectful. He knew what was going on in my current love life and also gave me advice on what I needed to do to move on. I had great news from him in my next relationship that I believe will happen and I am looking forward to it. Thank you for your wonderful insight!

 Last 15 days ago - texas_sg, on the 27/05/2019

~Authentic Genuine Concrete Reading 5 Stars!!!!!!

A brilliant reader whom gives direct answers. Detailed information is provided PROFESSIONALLY. Truly gifted. He explains every aspect you have regarding your questions. He follows up to ensure you are not in question about his findings. Highly recommended to anyone in need of REAL answers. I'm so impressed by this gifted reader. He is my go to intuitive. He's so genuine! True Blue,no sugar coating,or false hope. I learned so much information from this psychic and saved him as a favorite. Ethical, insightful, dedicated and focused reader. Straight forward and an asset to Astrofame. Ty, Jean Pierre! I give u a trillion Stars!

 Last 15 days ago - jessie72, on the 27/03/2019

Great reading

Great reading. Well spoken. And personally everything sounded as it is. I would recommend others to grab a reading from this advisor

 Last 15 days ago - cassius27, on the 04/03/2019

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Jean Pierre's Background

Numerology, Astrology, Tarots - 39 Years of Experience

Want to improve or change your life?

Seeking answers to emotional, family, relationship, professional or other concerns?

Want to know if:

--your love relationship will evolve?

--you will meet the right person?

--your professional situation will progress?

--you have concerns about your family, your children, your life in general and more?


Call for:

--answers to your questions

--an overview of what's in store for you this year or in the future

--guidance to follow your true journey in life


Many years of experience in numerology, tarot, astrology, pendulum, dreams analysis


Specialties and expertise: Numerology, Tarot, Astrology, PendulumDream Analysis.

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  • clairvoyance
  • family
  • finance
  • love
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  • numerology
  • pendulum
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  • romance
  • spirituality
  • tarot
  • wellness

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