Milana Levoe

Milana Levoe

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Has anything CHANGED, with respect to your crush or significant other, within the span of the last month, that he or she, may not have fully elaborated on? Things, such as this, could be relevant, when it comes to the health of your partnership.!!!!!!!What would make you mor...

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I find myself going back..

I find myself going back to her all the time. I do appreciate her and everything she tells me. The insight she gives me makes me feel better about life.

Last 15 days ago - ladydaiz, on the 06/05/2020

Interesting reading

Well I must admit her reading is a little bit different than the others I've had. But one thing I do like about her is that she's so right. My last reading I got from her came true. I was a little skeptical at first because I wasn't aware of the tarot reading. She breaks them down and read to me what the cards meant and it was true. This time her reading was very understanding. She's good and I do recommend her.

Last 15 days ago - ladydaiz, on the 28/03/2020

very nice

Overall seems to be very nice and attentive. too soon to tell accuracy. Uses Tarot and explains what each card means. Also voluntarily checks in with updates which is unexpected but appreciated

Last 15 days ago - karenyo, on the 05/02/2020


That was a blownaway answer.. so direct and I’m actually shocked at the outcome. This was just a trial email reading but the details are so real!!! Thank you for taking time for this

Last 15 days ago - suebee, on the 24/10/2019


Loved her

Last 15 days ago - black0303, on the 24/10/2019

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Milana Levoe's Background

Intuitive Advisor - 21 Years of Experience

Has anything CHANGED, with respect to your crush or significant other, within the span of the last month, that he or she, may not have fully elaborated on? 

Things, such as this, could be relevant, when it comes to the health of your partnership.


What would make you more successful, within your career field?

Are you more serious about your relationship than your love interest is?

Get answers, to these questions & more. 

Guardian Angel Spiritualist, Energy Cleansing, Card reader; here to help identify ways to accomplish your aspirations, even thru adversity

Mixed msg. Complaint? Energy shifts do occur. They're to be expected; as humans do make sporadic changes in behavior, which can be reflected in readings. Read more, about this, at . 

Wedding Officiant, Minister, Metaphysical Consultant, & Intuitive Advisor

Hex Removals, Deliverance Exorcisms, Jinx energy uncoverings,

Energy Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Astrology


 #CRUSH🌹REFLECTION #Horoscopes full #zodiac #astrologypost #astrology #CelestialUpdates

#Gemini Your partner is being drawn towards the expressiveness, that you have been portraying, in some way; inside of your home.

#Taurus The communication of your concrete attraction is being mirrored, by your crush- in spite of you, lackadaisically, dragging your feet; romantically speaking.

#Aquarius Your paradoxical behavior is protecting the sacredness of what you and your crush have from those who can't bare the thought of your happiness, together.

#Leo Your disinterest in your rivals, is, providentially, leaving more time for flirtatious fun with your crush, daily.

#Libra Your crush or partner is feeling seduced by your fairness and is ready to help you to make up your mind if you should feel the notion, to be hesitant about something.

#Scorpio Your crush or partner is being drawn to your complexity and powerfully assertive vibes.

#Sagittarius Your crush views your fiery and amusing ways as quite irresistible, now.

#Cancer Your crush is sensing that you're in a touchy mood and is all set to soothe you, in an unforgettable manner.

#Capricorn Your moralistically rooted, ruthlessness, is only; adding to the irresistible vibes that your crush is feeling, when around you.

#Virgo Your partner or crush, is feeling assertive enough, to take the first step and make a move that you may have been a tad nervous about initiating.

#Aries Your impulsiveness, is growing on a crush; who may be more willing, than at a previous time, to make moves with you, should you show sincerity, by diverting your curled horns, swallowing your pride, & decide to minimize your walls, in order to more earnestly, implore.

#Pisces Your crush is feeling seduced by your wild side and is therefore, less likely, to be thwarted by any moodiness on your part, at present.



6 years of offering readings, online, as well as at parties, & in person



Member of ISAR, Certificates in Therapeutic answers to Addiction, from NAADAC, and Certificate of Ordination

Interviews/Media Appearance

Celebrity XO Horoscopes & Horoscope Columnist at The Valley Weekly

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