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[PIN: 1779]  Made in Love and Born on the Day of Love aka Valentines Day my whole existence in this life has to do with love and with so much to give and with being blessed with my spiritual gifts bestowed upon me from God and incorporating that along with my own personal experie...

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Received 10 recent reviews from 57 readings with 100% score.

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Love and Career

This is my second time speaking with her and it was just as pleasant as the first call!! She is very reassuring and I feel that what she says is accurate and will come to past! I also like the fact that she makes you feel comfortable and will try to get everything she sees for you with in the time you have paid for. I also love her rates and that as an advisor she follows up with you after the reading!! Love very considerate and genuine!! Be blessed!! And thank you!!

 Last 15 days ago - never222, on the 20/06/2018

Always amazing!!

Jenna is the most real and compassionate person I've ever spoken to. It's like talking with your friend or even a sister. Not only have her predictions started coming to pass not only for me but others. It's great to have someone go out of their way to give you a curate and honest answers. I can't wait for everything to come together and I will keep coming back not only to update but for anything I have questions about. Thanks Jenna, may God bless you and fulfill what you're wanting in life!

 Last 15 days ago - nanaya6768, on the 19/06/2018

Love her

I would highly recommend her first predictions already came a couple days from our first reading super excited about the others . The best on this site give her a try .

 Last 15 days ago - realthick, on the 16/06/2018


She was very compassionate about my situations. I’m not sure of the out come of my love interest but she did say many things that made sense. I do hopefully she is seeing this one!

 Last 15 days ago - captmt16, on the 12/06/2018

Thank you!!

This reader has it all...accuracy, honesty, compassion and she really relates to you. There are few advisors that you can feel comfortable with but Jenna is the best. So far her predictions are coming to pass and I can't wait for more. Thank you Jenna for really showing you care and helping!

 Last 15 days ago - nanaya6664, on the 07/06/2018

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Jenna's Background

Love Life Intuitive Therapist - 5 Years of Experience

[PIN: 1779]  Made in Love and Born on the Day of Love aka Valentines Day my whole existence in this life has to do with love and with so much to give and with being blessed with my spiritual gifts bestowed upon me from God and incorporating that along with my own personal experiences and others and being able to see BOTH sides of an sitaution artistic/logic and wanting to help others achieve and have the love they are deserving of manifesting into life. Through my own heartbreak which lead me to my Spiritual Awakening and coming to know my true life's purpose I am now able to do what I've always been naturally good at as well as being able to be an beckon of hope for those who feel lost and alone by channeling all my love to those needing healing in life and in the matters of the heart. 100% Honest answers I also hope to inspire and bring peace of heart&mind to your day or troubled situation as I am someone you can feel confident enough to confide whatever in as throughout my whole life I seemed to had this gift naturally and I hope to be just as welcoming and warm for you. You're not just another sad story.. instead use your story to help you Bloom.**PLEASE NOTE THAT DURING THE MONTH OF JUNE MY SCHEDULE MAY DIFFER OR CHANGE LAST MINUTE DUE TO THE GEMINI NEW MOON WE HAD ON JUNE 13TH AND EXPERICING SPIRITUAL ASCENSION FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS SO PLEASE BARE WITH ME DURING THIS TIME OF TRANSITION BUT WILL BE EXCELLENT NEWS ONCE I COME INTO MY NEXT CYCLE AS MY SPIRITUAL GIFTS WILL BE EVEN MORE ON QUE THAN EVER BEFORE OR WILL BE COMING INTO AWARENESS OF ONES YET UNLOCKED ALL FOR BETTER SERVING YOU LOVE YOU ALL - JENNA **  DISCLAIMER: When it comes to asking a question about needing to know when or around what exact date will something occur just be aware that time frames don't work because of free will! And Our Time Line doesn't always match up to God's Time or Diving Timing. All I can do is pick up the energy of where the cards are flowing and take from experience and my spiritual insight and give to the very best a *rough* time frame if really necessary but it's better to try to stay away from needing an exact date and just trusting that what is yours won't pass you by bc I wouldn't to mislead anyone just for the sakes of making you happy by saying soon and than being held accountable when things don't happen as foretold. Just remember life doesn't always go as planned but having the knowledge ahead of time to make use of the best of your abilities and be preparded for whatever may come your way is what I as an Intuitive Therapist am able to do for you. :)


Mainly Love Relationship SpecialistPersonal Life CoachAngel Oracle and Tarot Card ReaderClairsentience Clairaudience ClaircognizanceSensitive Intuitive Empath 

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Animal TotemsAngel Messages && NumbersAngel Oracle Card ReaderBehavioral Health Science/ Psychology StudentCharkasDream DecodingIntuitive TherapistLaw Of AttractionNatural Born Spiritual Gift: Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Earth Angel, Empath, Intuitive, Lightworker, SensitiveNumerology/ Number Sequences Personal Life/ Relationship ExperiencesReading Runes Sign && Synchronicities MeaningsTarot Card ReaderUnderstanding The Magic Of The Universe  

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Just published my first online blog yesterday about my spiritual journey:)

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