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Psychic Love Expert

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Sarika: Your guide to a brighter future and stronger relationships.

Love Psychic Expert

Specialites: Relationship Problems, Family and Wellness, Career and Finance using Numerology, Astrology, Picture reading, Vaastu science 

Methods: Natural psychic and healer

Experience: 20+ years

Question: Do you believe that every person we meet in life can teach us something?

Answer: We don't meet anyone by chance. They are all a part of cosmic connections. We are all surrounded by a variety of people. Some that enter our lives are the source of peace and calm, yet others create a hurricane or even crush our soul! The universe has a funny way of sending certain people into our lives to make us, break us, or shake us up a little. Even if we meet for a day, a season, or a lifetime, it is always – most definitely – for a reason. Sometimes this reason is camouflaged as a painful event; however, if you look back, it was trying to teach you something. There is always a specific reason for each meeting, whatever its nature. There are no accidents. We don't meet anyone by accident. Our life journey and the people who become a part of it are manifestations of the energy we give out and what is surrounding us as our own reflection.

For Sarika, there are 5 types of cosmic encounters ✨

1) Those intended to wake us up There are people we let into your lives without realizing how toxic they will be. The lessons we are meant to learn can only be given through them, and often these people are a tough test to overcome, in order to activate our spiritual growth. The universe evaluates our strength and reveals it to us in order to become aware of it.

2) Those that stimulate our memory These people only appear for a short time. They usually come during a period of disorientation. Unconsciously, they help us find our trajectory and put our ideas back in place. They remind us of who we are and help us remember our goals. They usually arrive at a crucial moment and prevent us from falling into the abyss of a monotonous life.

3) Those who help us grow There are people from whom you learn better and faster. By their presence, they make us stronger and more enlightened. These people enter directly into our intimacy, because they are the reflection of ourselves.

4) Those who reserve a place for us in their lives This cosmic connection is well known to all. It concerns the people we meet and with whom we create a bond. However, we will never be able to establish a close relationship with all of them. There will always be an invisible wall, with a breach that will allow occasional encounters. These moments in their company are essential to our well-being. These people usually help us to relax by having a good time, to breathe in the company of someone we don't see often, and to regain our confidence.

5) Those who remain These people are very rare, but extremely valuable. They can appear in any form. Friend, partner, family member, colleague or mentor. Once in our lifetime, these people stay forever. They share our dreams and our perception of life. They adhere to our ideas and are consistent with our values. There is no way to find them, only to wait patiently for the universe to deem you ready for this powerful connection. 

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