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Personal Data protection policy

Version from 14 March 2013

MyBestPro SAS undertakes to protect the privacy and confidential data of Members of the Platform. This document (the “Personal Data Protection Policy”) explains the process followed by MyBestPro SAS to collect Personal Data of Members (“Personal Data”) and describes how MyBestPro SAS uses such data in the course of the Member’s Registration on the Platform.

  • The use of the Site and or the sites of its partners.
  • The use of any Service accessible from the Site(s) or those of a partner site(s).
  • The participation of the Member on the Platform

The Personal Data Protection Policy is an Ancillary Policy to the Terms and Conditions for the WENGO community service and is deemed to be part of the said the Terms and Conditions. Consequently, according to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions the Registration of the Member requires acceptance of the Personal Data Policy, as well as of the Terms and Conditions and the other Ancillary Policies. In the case of contradiction between any of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Policy and the Terms and Conditions, the terms hereof will prevail.

Article 1: Use of Personal Data

WENGO is responsible for the processing of Personal Data and has duly reported the processing of Personal Data to the French Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés - CNIL).

WENGO undertakes to process all Personal Data collected on Members in accordance with the principles of loyalty and confidentiality and in accordance with the laws in force.

In order to create a Personal Account and access MyBestPro SAS, the Member must provide Personal Data (name, electronic and/or postal addresses, landline telephone number, mobile telephone number, date of birth, etc.). If the Member wishes to subscribe to newsletters, participate in a competition, a questionnaire or a programme, further information may be required for this purpose.

WENGO uses Personal Data only for the purpose of providing the tools described in the Terms of Use of the Tools, administration of the Platform, the linking of Members and their invoicing as well as in its relations with Members.

Members agree to allow their Personal Data to be transmitted to Partners of MyBestPro SAS. Any Member wishing not to have his data transferred to Partners of MyBestPro SAS may contact MyBestPro SAS, under the conditions provided in article 4 below.

Article 2: Specific provisions on payment data

Payment for WENGO Services and for Transactions concluded through the Platform is operated via the secure payment system and assumes that Members have previously opened a Personal Account on the Platform and have registered a debit or credit card number with WENGO, issued by a banking institution and able to be used with businesses and service providers affiliated to the French credit card (“Credit Card”) network.

By Credit Card number (hereinafter “Number”), we refer to the information consisting of the sixteen (16) digit numbers and the expiry date shown on the front of said Debit or Credit Card and the security code (CVV) shown on the back of the Credit Card.

The Credit Card number is strictly confidential and MyBestPro SAS does not retain the Credit card number of the Member. WENGO is entitled to use this number only for Personal Account management and payment purposes for Transactions via the secure payment system. Under no circumstances, this number will be disclosed to third parties.

The Member may also carry out the payment of a Transaction through a WENGO Card. This WENGO Card can be purchased on the Platform by the Member in accordance with Article 4.2 of the Pricing and Payment Policy.

Article 3: Disclosure of Personal Data

According to the French data protection legislation no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended by law no. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004 (“French Data Protection Act”), WENGO is entitled to disclose Personal Data of the User if required to do so by official authorities (police, governmental authorities, etc.).

Article 4: Right of access to, opposition and rectification of Personal Data

According to the French Data Protection Act, the User has the right to access and to modify his own Personal Data. The User wishing to exercise his right and to obtain communication of such data should write to Customer Service, MyBestPro SAS, 12 rue de Penthièvre, 75008, Paris, France.

Article 5: Automatic collection of Data

5.1. IP address

MyBestPro SAS tracks and stores IP addresses for system administration purposes and in order to investigate any potential abuse of individual accounts. Processing IP addresses is essential for operating the Platform and the provision of the Tools.

5.2. Cookies

MyBestPro SAS may use cookies and/or clear GIF files in order to obtain information about Members, improve performance and functionality of the platform as well as those of some Tools.

In the event that the Member does not want his/her Personal Data collected through cookies, he/she can disable or block the automatic handling of cookies in the browser. This can, however, limit the ability to use the Platform and reduce the performance and functionality of the Platform and Tools.

Article 6: Newsletters/promotional messages

At any time, MyBestPro SAS is entitled to send non-promotional postal mail, e-mails or SMS to the Member concerning his/her Personal Account.

MyBestPro SAS may also send marketing content to Members (via postal mail, e-mail or SMS) intended to promote similar services to those obtained by the Member on the platform.

If the Member gives his consent during the process of online registration to the Platform or at any time via his Personal Account, he/she accepts to receive newsletters and other promotional e-mails from MyBestPro SAS.

At any time, the Member can object to receiving promotional messages by sending a mail to Customer Service, MyBestPro SAS, 12 rue de Penthièvre, Paris, France.

Each Provider can send promotional e-mails to Users once the User has provided their express consent prior to sending the e-mail.

Article 7: Provider’s obligations

Any Provider offering their services on the Platform is committed vis-à-vis the Users to meet their obligations under the applicable regulations for the protection of Personal Data as it appears, notably in the Data Protection Act. Each advisor is responsible for the processing of data concerning their users and hereby declares that they respect the provisions of the Data Protection Act. The Provider offering Services on the Platform acknowledges and undertakes to respect the laws in force applicable to protect Personal Data as a result of the French Data Protection Act upon the Users.

If the Service provided requires collection and processing Personal Data of Users, the Provider must comply with reporting formalities as required by the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) and inform Users on their right to access and modify Personal Data in accordance with the French Data Protection Act. Apart from the strict requirements of the delivery and billing of its services, or to assert his rights in any dispute with the User concerned, the Provider acknowledges and undertakes to refrain from using and marketing Personal Data of Users, unless Users give their express consent. In the same way, the Provider is informed that it is forbidden to disclose any Personal Data to third parties without the express and prior consent of the User concerned. The Provider acknowledges and undertakes to protect and indemnify MyBestPro SAS against the consequences of any claim issued by a User resulting from a violation by the Provider of their obligations in respect of the laws in force to protect Personal Data and/or the terms of the Personal Data Policy.

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