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Scorpio (October 24th- November 22nd)

January allows you to start the year off gently and prepare yourself for several ups and downs during February and March. As for you and your partner, it seems as if there is nothing that could throw you off balance these days. In your socio-professional life you like to take the reins and be in control, those who don’t know you as well may think you’re stricter than you first seem.

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Love and Relationships - Sometimes shy and a little mysterious you worry about what those around you think of you and that is why your close friends are a source of incredible support for you. If you’re struggling with aspects of your life, you will always rely on your close friends at the end of the day to support you and offer you help, guidance and a breath of fresh air.

Career - Your tendency to stress is your only weak point. If you really knew yourself, you’d know that as well as being a loving partner you are also an incredibly hard worker who your colleagues admire greatly and you bring to work the atmosphere and energy that is sometimes lacking.

Well Being - Often your emotions guide your body and your mind. You can be very sensitive to stress and periods of anxiety you need to take care not to overwhelm yourself and take on too much at once. Despite being prone to nervous tension, you possess an incredible physical strength which allows you to find confidence in yourself when you most need it, this comes in handy when you’re feeling like there is nothing worth going forward for.

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