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Learn to Love Yourself According to Your Sign

Good self-esteem is vital in order to grow and come out of your shell. It's this self confidence that allows us to achieve our goals in all aspects of our life, but it isn’t always easy… To help resolve this, we’re here to reveal secrets about learning to love yourself according to your star sign!

Self-esteem is developed from infancy to adulthood, and certain wounds can sometimes be detrimental to our relationships and prevent us from living happy carefree lives. Addressing these 'wounds' will make us feel better about ourselves and help us to turn over a new leaf. No need to worry as astrology is here to help…

It’s only a question of learning to love yourself and being aware of your qualitiesand accepting yourself as you are. Good self-esteem is essential in order to feel at ease in your skin.

How do you learn to love yourself? Here are the secrets for each sign.

Click on your sign and discover how to improve your self-image.

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You are often too hard on yourself, dear Aries. Be more tolerant and learn how to please yourself. Treat yourself like a friend or a person you love and you’ll be able to perceive your qualities better that way.

The secret to loving yourself: Don’t put so much pressure on yourself in order to attain your goals, be patient and don’t hesitate to stop and enjoy yourself en route to your goal. In short, be more tolerant with yourself!


You mistakenly think that asking for help is a sign of weakness! Accept the helping hand of your loved ones without feeling ashamed. Know that it’s sometimes more beneficial to learn than to teach…

The secret to loving yourself: Learn to ask for help without being ashamed… be proud instead! Keep in mind that asking for help from others doesn’t make you incapable of doing things (it’s quite the contrary, instead!). You’ll soon realize that working in a team offers a different satisfaction… In short, know to ask for help when you need it!


Your mind is always alert, and your thoughts are either bursting forward or self-destructive. You often have the tendency to feel ashamed of what you haven’t done or promises that you didn’t keep… Change this point of view: instead of focusing on negative thoughts, think more on how you can attain your goals.

The secret to loving yourself: Get rid of those gloomy ideas! Only think of positive and beneficial things that will push you to see past the bad thoughts and progress.


Your self-esteem varies according to outside events and this should change. Don’t wait for a good mood, weight loss, or you landing your dream job to learn how to love yourself! Focus on your qualities and not on your faults, and focus on what you have instead of what you don’t.

The secret to loving yourself: Learn to love yourself immediately without waiting for things to happen in your favor! Know to love your life and who you are!


Your mirror can become your best friend if you learn how to use it. Position yourself facing the mirror and focus on the respect and admiration that you feel for yourself without being vain. Don’t hesitate in speaking to yourself out loud, saying what you like about yourself and expression your emotions.

The secret to loving yourself: Face the mirror and learn to love yourself, forgetting what others can think or say to you. You should detach yourself from others’ opinions.


You are very critical and your self-esteem often takes a blow. Avoid from blaming yourself about everything because a critical eye is never constructive. Dear Virgo, learn to love yourself as you are physically and morally. The negative opinions that you send yourself have harmful effects and prevent you from evolving and progressing.

The secret to loving yourself: Stop criticizing yourself all the time! Nothing seems to be good enough for you! Learning to accept yourself as you are can help you progress in the right direction without any difficulties.


You often have the tendency to imagine the worst and, as a result, you scare yourself and block yourself off. In case of panic or pessimistic images, close your eyes and concentrate on a happy moment in your life: travel, the birth of your children, etc. … Negative images should quickly fade!

The secret to loving yourself:Stop scaring yourself and imagining the worst! Chase away negative thoughts in your mind to take back your self-trust!


You often place too much importance on faults from your past and your childhood… let that fade away. The past is the past, the person you were at the time has changed since, and everything has changed… It’s useless to replay the movie of your past, it won’t change anything, and what’s is done is done.

The secret to loving yourself: Know how to forgive yourself! Yes, you’ve done some wrong in the past (like everyone has) and it’s useless to dwell on it or permanently punish yourself. Leave the past in the past and look to tomorrow…


Don’t be so hard on yourself in regards to your failures or bad decisions that you’ve made in the past. You made those choices because they deemed necessary at the time, so don’t be ashamed of them and don’t get caught up in dwelling on those thoughts. After all, it’s better to feel remorseful than regret, isn’t it?

The secret to loving yourself: Don’t be ashamed of past errors! These errors don’t make you any less of a person!


You’re sometimes too austere. To gain self-trust, remind yourself of joyful moments that you’ve known in your life. Find the way to amuse yourself and laugh every day and you’ll see that your good mood will spread about whether you go.

The secret to loving yourself: Have fun every day! Your good mood will attract kindness from your peers. Laughter is your best medicine, and you’ll view life and yourself in a positive angle.


Be gentle with yourself, you don’t need to come in 1st in order to be proud of yourself or have someone admire you. Congratulate yourself of your success and your progress, and know how to look at the positive points each day and stop thinking that only great victories are worth shooting for! Little successes each day are good for you, too…

The secret to loving yourself: Congratulate yourself, be proud of your deeds and success, even the smallest ones! Everything is all about your attitude!


To learn how to love yourself, take care of your body. You should learn to love every inch of your skin and see past what everyone else sees. Stop with the stereotypes and models and learn to love you for you.

The secret to loving yourself: Pamper yourself! Learn to accept yourself and appreciate your body how it is.

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