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What Is Your Dating Style?

Whether you are dating, in a steady committed relationship, or anything in between, the stars have an influence on your approach to love and hence your situation. Are you more a relationship kind of person or do you look for less serious amorous adventures? Are you more of an adventurous dater or do you want commitment right away? Find out everything you need to know about your love life here!

Admittedly, love and especially our love lives can be complicated, so we can thanks our lucky stars that astrology is here to give us a glimpse into our very own romantic profiles! Times have changes and so have our dating styles and approaches to love. Nowadays everything is possible and there are many different love profiles out there! Find out what yours is!

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What does your star sign say about your love life?



Dating style: Impulsive.

Aries love the thrill of the chase and challenges; they love trying to win people’s hearts! Aries’ love spontaneity and hate mundane routines. Aries’ tend to fall in love quite easily, but struggle to settle into a fixed relationship routine, nevertheless they make very passionate partners.

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Dating style: Traditional.

Taurus’ seek sensual yet traditional relationships. In order to woo a Taurus, fine dining is a must, as well as pampering! Taurus’ want to be in committed relationships and won’t be found on Internet dating sites, they need real, sincere feelings in order to feel secure.

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Dating style: Flirtatious.

Geminis are by nature fun and flirty, they don’t take life too seriously and love being the center of attention. When Geminis are single, they’ll have a line of people waiting to date them, they’ll have the pick of the bunch, it’s just a question of choosing the right person!

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Dating style: Cuddly.

Cancers are sweet, nurturing and caring characters, their idea of a perfect Friday night would be spend cuddling up with their partner on the couch watching romances movies. Cancers are real relationship people and love having someone by their side, they aren’t great at being single, they need companionship.

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Dating style: Passionate.

Leos are very dramatic and love to be worshipped by their admirers and partners! Leo personalities often make good leaders, hence why they love being looked up to and admired. They are very passionate characters, especially in the bedroom, as well as very monogamous.

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Dating style: Unselfish.

Virgos are very reliable and unselfish characters, their love lives are often very straightforward and uncomplicated. Virgos won’t be the ones dating 3 people at the same time, for them commitment and seriousness from the get go are essential.

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Dating style: Loving.

Libras maybe very beauty orientated, but they do have hearts of gold and will always be prepared to go that extra mile to make their partners feel good about themselves. Libras are very open with their feelings and aren’t shy about showing off their love for their other halves, they are very touchy-feely!

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Dating style: Sexy.

Scorpio is the most seductive sign. Above all, Scorpios seek deep, emotional connections with their partners. Scorpios tend to be intense when they are dating and can easily get ahead of themselves, but don’t let this scare you away if you are dating a Scorpio, it’s just that they get attached quickly.

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Dating style: Bold.

Sagittarius’ are strong, adventurous characters and when dating they love breaking out of the norm. Sagittarius’ are anything but traditional and are rather free spirits, this attitude can also be seen in their love lives. With Sagittarius' things are very unpredictable, so expect the unexpected!

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Dating style: Loyal.

Capricorns are very family orientated and this attitude spills over to their dating lives. Capricorns seek commitment and stability, they crave security and stability, both financially and emotionally. Capricorns may take some time before getting serious, as they want to be sure about their partner.

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Dating style: Eccentric.

Aquarius’ are open-minded and free flowing people, they don’t like to be tied down to anyone and often don’t look for serious, long-term, committed relationships. Aquarius’ need to be head over heels in love in order to settle down and get serious, anything less just won’t do it for them.

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Dating style: Romantic.

Pisces’ are known for their romantic side, they are big dreamers and they often wear their hearts on their sleeves, which can potentially expose them to a few heartbreaks along the way. Pisces’ love cozy, romantic nights in and love spending time alone with their partners.

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