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The Ultimate Candle Guide

Besides looking pretty, smelling good, and creating a cozy atmosphere, candles have some surprising powers. There are several magical or religious rituals associated with candles. When burning, they help us to focus, calm down, and even make our problems go away. Discover the extraordinary ability of candles right now!

Regardless of the color; black, gray, red or white, candleshave always had pride of place. Synonymous of purification, the flame has the power to soothe the soul, drive away bad spirits, and attract heavenly protection. Pay attention to the candle because each color possesses a special meaning and therefore corresponds to a specific zodiac sign.

For your wishes to come true, you need to burn a colored candle that will work in perfect harmony with you.

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What You Need to Know about Candles and Rituals:

  • Candles act as a way of addressing yourself to an angel to obtain a specific favor.
  • The candles must be new and, if possible, made of wax.Before any use, they need to be "charged". Fill a small cup with pure olive oil and, withyour right thumb, grease the candle from top to bottom (for banishment rituals, proceed in the opposite direction, from the bottom to the wick).
  • Use a different match for each candleor light each candle with the flame from the first. At the end of the ritual, put them out in the opposite way that they were lit, without blowing them out because this will cause all the power and energies they contain to disappear. It would be best to snuff them out with your fingers or use a snuffer. Lastly, never use a candle more than once: throw it away or, if the ritual requires it or carries on for a while, allow the entire candle to burn out.

Which candle suits your zodiac sign?



Red candles are what Aries' need; they symbolize deep love and incites true love, increases power and passion.

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A Taurus' ideal candles is green. Green candles rid feelings of jealousy, symbolizes success, positive ambition, recovery, luck, prosperity and physical health.

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Geminis should opt for yellow candles. Yellow candles increase self-confidence, charm, personal magnetism and arouses hidden talents.

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Cancers should veer towards white candles. White candles symbolize true feelings, serenity, clairvoyance, and can even increase psychic powers.

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Leos have two options that are perfect for them, gold and orange. Gold candles attract positive cosmic forces as well as divine protection and even help solve important issues. Orange candles stimulates energy, love, friendship and improve physical abilities.

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Virgos need to opt for gray colored candles because they netralize negative influences and help put an end to disputes.

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Pink is your color, Libra! Pink candles symbolize affection and friendship, increases comprehension among friends and strong relationships.

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Scorpios, you need to invest in some black candles. They hold many powers, they are able to dispel negative influences, malicious and evil spirits and increase self-confidence.

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A Sagittarius needs purple candles in their life! Purple candles increase spiritual abilities and psychological potential, personal ability, and enables the acquisition or the retention of one’s independence.

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Capricorns get down to the store now and treat yourself to some brown candles! Brown candles are said to help locate lost objects, increase concentration, telepathy and protect pets.

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Aquarius' are well-known for their creative minds so they need candles that will help stimulate their inventive brains; the solution to endless mind stimulation is a blue candle.

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Pisces, search no longer, your perfect candles is silver! Silver candles symbolize angelic protection, neutralize harmful influences, spur diplomacy, and encourage meditation and prayers.

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