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The Ideal Bachelorette Party for Your Sign

A bachelorette party is a rite of passage for any young girl about to be married. During this special day (and often the night as well) the ‘bachelorette’ will be surrounded by her friends for a day of laughter and fun. Should you find yourself in charge of organising your own or your friend’s bachelorette, read on to find out what would be their ideal way of celebrating!

What are the origins of bachelorette parties?

Bachelor parties (for men) have been an event since the 18th century whereas bachelorette parties are a more modern invention. Women had to wait until the 70’s before they started to properly celebrate their engagement.

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What is the ideal bachelorette party for your star sign?

Click on your sign, or the sign of your partner to find out what is the best way to celebrate the big day!

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