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The Ideal Bachelorette Party for Your Sign

A bachelorette party is a rite of passage for any young girl about to be married. During this special day (and often the night as well) the ‘bachelorette’ will be surrounded by her friends for a day of laughter and fun. Should you find yourself in charge of organising your own or your friend’s bachelorette, read on to find out what would be their ideal way of celebrating!

What are the origins of bachelorette parties?

Bachelor parties (for men) have been an event since the 18th century whereas bachelorette parties are a more modern invention. Women had to wait until the 70’s before they started to properly celebrate their engagement.

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What is the ideal bachelorette party for your star sign?

Click on your sign, or the sign of your partner to find out what is the best way to celebrate the big day!


An Aries is one of the star signs that most like to party! So expect them to want to dance, sing and shout the night away. A successful bachelorette party for an Aires will be incredibly active, leaving many people completely exhausted.

The ideal plan:How about a parachute or bungee jump followed by a night on the town!


The Taurus needs calm and intimacy in order to enjoy their bachelorette party, a nice meal out with a few of their closest friends is the kind of evening a Taurus is most likely to enjoy!

The ideal plan:Surprise them by taking them to a fantastic and quirky restaurant with their absolute best friends… expect emotion and gratitude from the bride to be.


The Gemini wife-to-be is up for just wondering the streets with her best mates and seeing what comes to them. Chatting to anyone and popping in and out of bars all day and into the night would be great for the sociable Gemini, but of course, don’t forget the fancy dress!

The ideal plan: A day spent having fun in town and bar hopping whilst wearing a funny (or even ridiculous!) costume. 


The soon-to-be married Cancer is a very emotional character, she’d prefer to have a few close friends over to her house for an intimate evening. Maybe take this opportunity to buy her a thoughtful gift, it’ll be worth it when you see a tear of gratitude in her eye.

The ideal plan: Make your friend an album of memories from your friendship including your younger and mores single years! Between mad laughter and lots of emotion you won’t be forgetting this evening for a while.



The Leo future wife needs to be noticed, she loves being the belle of the ball. A guaranteed success for her would be to invite as many friends as possible and have her dress up for the party as a queen, she’ll love it!

The ideal plan: Don’t even consider doing something silly or ridiculous… For a Leo, the key to a happy hen is in a party that is chic and stylish.


The Virgo wife-to-be will not like being forced into a huge party and would prefer a more intimate setting with closer friends. Don’t play silly dare games with her, she’s too shy and it’ll make her feel awkward.

The ideal plan:Prepare a quiet weekend away with her and her close friends, on the to-do list include eating out, going for a long walk and lots of talking and gossiping.


The Libra future wife will most enjoy the opportunity to dress up in a pretty dress and to go bar hopping with good friends, showing off to everyone they meet about her upcoming wedding!

The ideal plan:Get her to dress up as a princess, offer her a tiara and go for a wonder around town to see what you can find!


The Scorpio wife-to-be loves to dress up and create mischief. In order to wave goodbye to her single life, the Scorpio bride-to-be will want as much silliness as possible! The day and the evening will be hilarious, full of ridiculous costumes and even more ridiculous dares! Prepare yourself for a day of madness!

The ideal plan:Get together a bunch of her best mates and surprise her with a party she won’t forget in a while! Why not hire a stripper?


The Sagittarius wife-to-be would love to hop on a train and escape with her best friends to the seaside for the weekend. Forget silly costumes or big nights out…

The ideal plan: Kidnap her by surprise and take her to the sea! A big house with close friends will be a great way for her to celebrate.


The wife-to-be Capricorn doesn’t like organised fun, she isn’t a huge fan of huge parties and pressure to drink and dress up. A few drinks with friends is enough for a Capricorn and she’ll feel more at home in this environment.

The ideal plan: Take her for a few drinks somewhere that has a lot of memories for her and her friends, follow this up by a nice meal out and your Capricorn will be more than satisfied.


A soon-to-be married Aquarius needs to wave a strong goodbye to single life, she loves travelling with her friends but is equally as happy with a meal out at a restaurant followed by a fun night out!

The ideal plan: Dig your brains to plan an unforgettable weekend that is something really unusual and completely unexpected, perhaps hire a camper van! Find a way to make this bachelorette party a one-of-a-kind event!


The Pisces future wife is very easy-going and happy to follow her friends in whatever they want to do even if it isn’t her cup of tea, as long as she is in good company, she doesn’t mind what she’s doing!

The ideal plan:Take her to a concert for her favourite artist or rent a house by the sea… Either of these ideas will have her in her element!

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