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What Is Your Ideal Job?

Your astrological sign reveals lots of information about your personality; your strengths and yours weaknesses, meaning we have all the information necessary to find the perfect career for you. Discover your perfect career path with the help of your astrological sign. You’ll soon know if a career change is in order for you.

Have you ever met a shy salesman or a disorganized and impulsive accountant? No, of course you haven’t! Contrary to what we believe, our skills are not enough to be good at a job, succeeding at work is also a question of personality. Take our Virgo friends for example, they make great accountants but mediocre sales people.

Have you ever noticed that some people treat their jobs as vocations?

There’s a perfect job out there for everyone, just consult the stars.

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Aries, you need liveness to avoid being bored stiff in your professional life. The ups and downs excite you and you need to be doing something unpredictable because you hate monotonous routine.

Your ideal job: Soldier, Sportsman, Firefighter, Police officer, CEO or Climber.


Your work motto is slowly but surely. Taurus’ are capable of overcoming obstacles thanks to their endless patience, they need financial security in their lives to feel stable, so taking risks is out of the question for them.

Ideal jobs: Jobs linked to the great outdoors; Gardener, Vet, Gamekeeper or alternatively, Estate Agent or Chef.

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You have a careful, hesitant side, perhaps you are often a little afraid. You are very sensitive and would excel in a career involving public relations. Despite your reservations, an artistic career could suit you well.

Ideal jobs:Cancers a good all-rounders’, they enjoy welcoming people and cooking too. Hotel and restaurant jobs are perfect for them.


Leos need social recognition and to feel appreciated, they crave responsibilities and power, as they are naturally good at giving orders. Leos hate not being recognized for their efforts and having to stay back in the shadows, they want the attention for themselves.

Ideal jobs: CEO, Artist, Celebrity, Ambassador or why not a job dealing with luxury goods. If you don’t embark on a career path with responsibility involved, choose an artistic path in order to avoid boredom.

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Libras need to put their charm, friendliness and diplomacy to good use to succeed in the professional world. Libras are very welcoming and polite, but money is a very big motivator for you, you need to feel good in your working environment. Your sense of justice could also influence your professional life and you could excel in artistic based jobs.

Your ideal job: Doctor, Hairdresser, Air hostess, Journalist, Mediator, Model, Designer, Entertainer, Lawyer, Judge, Musician, Decorator, Painter, Florist, Dancer, Singer or Relationship Counselor.


You are sure of yourself and are very ambitious career wise. You more than likely have links abroad or you lead a life much too quiet for your age. You need to teach or collect information to feel fulfilled.

Ideal job: The tourism industry would suit you perfectly, anything from being a tour guide to translator would be a good choice. If not, jobs linked to international affairs or even animals could be a good match for you.

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Capricorns are naturally ambitious however they are not very patient, but don’t worry patience is a virtue and often comes later in life. You are perseverant, hardworking and not afraid of getting your hands dirty to finish a task.

Ideal jobs: You prefer traditional career paths including, Science, research, administration, financial and teaching based work.


Aquarius’ need their sense of freedom and to feel as if they take off on adventures, they love having projects and being challenged. Idealistic and creative, Aquarius’ have a hard time with obligations.

Your ideal job: Engineer, I.T Specialist, Scientist, Pilot, Astronaut, Electrician, Film Director, Photographer or Philosopher.


You are very open-minded and not very materialistic, you tend to day dream and are most comfortable in artistic sectors or aquatic regions.

Your ideal job: Sailor, Fisherman, Diver, Poet, Writer, Musician, Dancer, Comedian, Singer, Medium, Clairvoyant, Vet or Doctor.

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Geminis are very stubborn and only want to have fun, you’ll notice that your friends and family don’t put up a fight about you undertaking various projects at the same time. Avoid spreading yourself too thin, communication is the key.

Ideal jobs: Journalist, Author, Salesperson, Lawyer, Comedian or Actor.



Virgos are known for being methodic, highly organized and serious, meaning they don’t like taking risks at work. Virgos are helpful people and worry about not being good enough and sometimes lack self-confidence. You are a perfectionist, which is at times your colleagues find annoying.

Your ideal job: Virgos need to feel helpful and to feel as if they are doing something useful, their perfect jobs include being a Mathematician, Scientist, Accountant, Secretary/PA, Nurse, Doctor, Teacher, Librarian or Pharmacist.


You need power and love problem solving, you have strong links to sexuality, crises, transformations, death and financial sectors. Mars could also steer you towards a military career, because you love giving orders but don’t like obeying them.

Ideal job: Politician, Private Detective, Police Officer, Surgeon, Military Officer, Sex Advisor, Psychologist, Clairvoyant, Financial Advisor or Researcher. 


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