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The Best Musical Genre for You

Everyone loves music and few people could live without it. Music plays a huge part in our daily lives, whether we are shower singers, car singers or full on crazy dancers, our happiest moments are normally accompanied by music. Discover the best type of music for your astrological sign thanks to our guide.

Although most people enjoy listening to music, not everyone has the same musical tastes, so in order to help you put together best playlist to cater to everyone’s tastes, Ema Fontayne and her team have revealed the musical preferences for each astrological sign.

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Discover each sign’s favorite music here...


With a pressing desire for freedom, along with their day dreaming personalities, Scorpios love jazz music.


Sagittarius' are known to be aggressive, anti-conformist, rebels, so what better for them than hard rock or metal.


Romantic, sensitive and soft are qualities which characterize Cancers, and their personalities play a role in their choice of music; Cancers tend to prefer soft, delicate instruments such as the harp or piano.


Virgos are shy and often serious people, they are fond of medieval type music which sends them a spiritual message.

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Ah love! It’s what all Libras look for. So, what better genre for them than love songs?!


Very tolerant and independent, Aquarius’ don’t like pre-established rules, which is why they tend to gravitate towards foreign sounds that will reinforce their sense of daily freedom.


Aries, you are naturally impulsive and your musical tastes steer towards dance, house or techno. You like anything that moves and has a good beat.


Taurus’ are natural home birds and veer towards cultural tunes, they love listening to both folk and country music.


Geminis have a real teenage side to their personalities and therefore prefer lively music such as electro.


Leos are not shy about unveiling their inner superstar and taking the lead role, Leos love theatrical music and shows.


Capricorns are serious, distinguished and love nothing better than classical music. Classical music is a way for Capricorns to demand the much wanted respect from other people.


Pisces’ are artistic and creative, meaning they look for beauty everywhere, hence why opera is the most suitable genre for their sharp musical tastes.

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