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What Kind of Friend are You According to your Astrological Sign?

Friendship is a strong and essential value for our happiness. Your friends contribute to your well-being but what kind of friend are you? Loyal, funny, helpful? How far are you willing to go to make your loved ones happy? Are you the ideal friend?

Our friends are an integral part of our lives, they help us to move forward, grow, and make us happy. What type of friend are you?Which one are you in your friendship group? Are you the lighthearted one, the forever loyal one, the helpful one or the one that loves to party? 

What type of friend are you?

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You often have a lot of friends because you get along with everybody so well. Unfortunately, you aren’t the best judge of character and have no doubt been hurt by so-called 'friends' in the past. Be careful because you can be very influenced by your surrounding company, so choose your company with care. You are a friend of integrity, and capable of giving your all for someone else.

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You like having things on your terms, Aries and when you want to see your friends, you expect them to be free immediately. You badger people with constant telephone calls or texts until they respond or you stop by unannounced. You often disappear from time to time if you find something better to do… To sum up, you are a friend full of life, and people are never bored around you!

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You only need a few friends, but they must be reliable. You prefer quality over quantity. You aren’t the type who confides in others, and if you do, it's very rare. You surround yourself with calm and simple people. You’re in constant search of harmony and if you can’t find it, you prefer to be alone rather than in bad company. You are a loyal and reliable friend who someone can always on, but be careful because you are also very bitter, so people better not disappoint you!

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You are always surrounded by a joyful crowd of friends. You attract others with your humor and poise. You are at ease in every conversation, including the most diverse ones, which makes you a much appreciated person. Nevertheless, you aren’t the kind of person to get to the bottom of things or go in depth with a relationship. You prefer to stay at the surface without meddling in your feelings. You are a funny friend who people always call when they want to go out, but not the kind of friend they’d call to confide in…

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You only need a few friends, but those friends need to be real friends who are there when you need help, to help console you, protect you, and listen to you when things aren’t going well. You need strong and solid friendships. If your friends have your back in everything, there is harmony and you can depend on them. Cancer, you are a gentle, sweet friend who can also be absent-minded… it isn’t rare that you forget birthdays.

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You are the generous kind of friend, you love spoiling your friends with gifts on their birthdays. You’re more the type of person who waits for people to take what you have to offer rather than vice-versa, you rarely pick up your phone. As loyal in friendships as in life, you are in search of sincere relationships even if you sometimes prefer to come across people who would showcase your appearances or social standing. Overall, you are a lovable friend even if there are times you focus on appearances a little too much.

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You don’t need a lot of friends because, in your eyes, it isn’t the amount of friends you have that’s important, it's the quality of your friends that counts for you. You are a very loyal friend and your friendships often last for years. However, you’re sometimes scared of mistakenly losing your friends, and you aren’t bold enough to share your real self and can come across petty if someone annoys you… that’s a shame. In short, you are a loyal friend but you sometimes lack spontaneity.

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You have a multitude of friends and need to be surrounded by a lot of people to feel the best, even if you’re perfectly aware of the difference between others and your real friends. You are a magnetic and warm person who is always ready to listen to others. On the other hand, if you feel uneasy in a relationship, you have the tendency to disappear without giving anyone updates.

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You know who your true friends are even if you are often surrounded by a dense social circle. You prefer small groups and look for authentic relationships, and can easily speak your mind to your friends as much as they can to you. For you, friendship and honesty are inseparable. Your friendly relationships are intense and passionate even if your demands are sometimes difficult for others to provide for.

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You have a lot of friends because everyone loves your upbeat personality and sense of humor. You need to have an animated social life in order to feel essential. You are sincere in your friendships though you don’t like others to provide for you since you rather play the role of protector. You love to give advice and teach lessons, you’re the life of the party and everyone loves you!

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One could say that you hand-pick your friends! Incidentally, you don’t have a single friend who isn’t perfectly suitable for you. With you, friendship goes with consistency and solidity, nothing will come to ruin your lovely relationships, even as time passes. You feel uneasy all of a sudden if someone starts talking about you too much. A loyal friend, you are always available to give a helping hand or ask after someone. You are a secretive and reliable friend.

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You adapt very easily to others, as a result, your friendship circle is very big but your friends are more than often superficial. You like to give a helping hand and you always make it clear that you’re available for others but right now, you’re running away from any intimacy. In short, people can count on you materially speaking, but that’s all…

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